Holi Colours Attracts Foreign Tourists to India: Hotels Make Arrangements Within Premises

Music of all sorts (techno, folk, ghazals), fun, colors, delicacies like gujias & thandais, the cultural connect, and the overall atmosphere, are just some of the reasons that makes India (especially cities in Rajasthan & North India) so irresistible to foreign travelers, despite the safety concerns.

No wonder, despite increasing air-fares (and the rape incident), foreign tourists continue to come to India to celebrate Holi with locals in cities like Mathura, Vrindavan and Varanasi.

The more care-free souls just pick up their back-packs and go all alone (without travel guides) to Holi hot-spots like Mathura and Vrindavan. They camp out during the days of the festival and participate at the grass-root level by mingling with the locals.

Play in a Controlled Environment
For those overseas travellers who’re apprehensive about venturing on to the streets to play Holi, here’s some good news. Most hotels & tour operators in India have started making arrangements for them to play Holi within the premises itself, so that families who’re concerned about playing with the locals can play Holi within the hotel premises itself in a controlled environment.


I’m sure that’s a tempting proposition, because if you’re a foreigner planning to visit India around Feb/March, you’ve to experience Holi.

Capture the ‘Incredible India’ Experience
With everything around being so colorful, this is also the best time to capture that ‘Incredible India’ experience.

No wonder, people from various places in Europe and the US come to India to experience this festival of colours. And not just for travelers, its also a great time for foreign journalists and photographers to be in India.

Do it Like the Bollywood stars
If at all you decide to play Holi, do it like the Bollywood stars, by dressing in ‘white’. You’ll be glad you (and your family) did that because all that colouful mess really looks amazing when captured on pictures.

Most tour operators provide travelers with white ‘kurtas’ and herbal colours. So go ahead and use them.

Holi Based Tour Packages
Where to go? Although, North India is the centre for Holi celebrations, if you’re going to play within the hotel premises, you could go anywhere in India.

  • Jaipur is also quite popular among foreigners. The Elephant Festival (cavalcade of brightly painted elephants) of Jaipur on Holi eve is another spectacular aspect that foreign travelers love.
  • Goa promises revelers with its own version of Holi, Shigmotsav, the state’s biggest Hindu festival spanning 14 days
  • Several tour operators also offer Kerala Holi tour packages.