Here’s How SRK, the Richest Bollywood Actor, Makes His Money

Here's How SRK, the Richest Bollywood Actor, Makes His Money Some times back, Bollywood’s baadshah Shah Rukh Khan was in the news for having been named as the second richest actor in the world, beating even Hollywood biggies like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood. so how does he make all his money? Is it only from films? Lets take a look!

Its a known fact that Shahrukh Khan has a sharp business mind and almost everything that SRK touches becomes gold.

Here’s how SRK, the richest Bollywood actor, makes his money…


Besides being paid well for a film, the Baadshah also demands a share in the profit. SRK is at a stage today where he can demand a much bigger percentage of the profit share from films; he is also among the first few actors in Bollywood to have started this trend.

A recent report indicated that King Khan could take home as much as 60 per cent share from a film. His production house ‘Red Chillies’ is also involved in most of the film that SRk does.

High-Profile Endorsements

Its a well known fact that most celebrities in India earn more from brand-endorsements than films, and the same applies to SRK as well.

But then Shahrukh Khan is the ‘King’ even when it comes to endorsements because of his ability to connect with both classes as well as the masses. His personality, self-made image, gift of the gab, box-office success and good looks make him a high-paying celeb in the advertisement world.

From endorsing cold drinks to talcum powder, cars to fairness creams, no one can beat Shah Rukh Khan in the advertisement world. In fact, King Khan endorses so many brands that he has created his own ‘Brand SRK.’

Performing in Weddings

Weddings is big business all over the world, and especially among the rich Indian community, where families of industrialists and politicians can easily spend upwards of a few hundred crores (rupees).

Several celebs perform at such functions, and while some of the top celebrities may have their reservations about attending weddings (Aamir and Saif don’t like to perform), SRK has no qualms about performing at weddings.

But to get SRK, one needs to pay a premium. Its believed that King Khan charges about USD 15k to 20k for an appearance and close to Rs 10 crores for a wedding performance!

Well, that’s quite some money for probably an hour’s work.

SRK does around 10 such performances in a year (though he receives several offers) which easily sums up to around 100 crores a year…just by performing at high-profile weddings.

Business Investments

Besides films, the business-savvy Shah Rukh Khan owns properties around the world, owns a production house ‘Red Chilli Entertainment’, and also owns the IPL team ‘kolkata knight riders’.

SRK has also invested in Imagination Edutainment India Pvt Ltd, which is a local franchisee of KidZania, a global chain of indoor theme parks for children.

These smart investments also make substantial amount of money for SRK.

SRK is Business Savvy & a Marketing Genius

Here are some more examples which explains why he’s among the richest celebs in the world.

Marketing Strategies & Innovative ideas
Take a look at some of Shahrukh’s marketing ideas that he used to successfully promote his movies in the past.

Selling satellite rights
Shah Rukh Khan is a smart filmmaker and understands the film business really well. For most films, SRK is involved with every area of the film’s marketing and branding. He knows that there is a huge audience that cannot afford to watch movies in the multiplex but would lap it up if offered on TV. Even though SRK’s Chennai Express did extremely well at the box-office, SRK sold satellite rights of the film to Zee Entertainment for a substantial amount (Rs 48 crore) and also had a pre-condition where the filmmakers would get more money for selling the rights if the movie crossed the Rs 100 crore mark. It was the first time ever that a film’s satellite rights were sold with such a pre-condition.

TV shows
No doubt even television is big today, and SRK is open to doing shows/hosting on television. Shah Rukh Khan, who started his career with TV soaps Fauji and Circus, has hosted several reality shows – Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 3, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? and Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout. SRK happens to be among the highest paid actors of TV as well.

With so many sources of income, no doubt he’s among the highest earning celebrities, not just in India, but in the world.