Global Students Seeking Opportunities in Bollywood

foreign / Global Students in Bollywood

With the Indian growth story intact, and Bollywood spreading its wings abroad, more and more foreign students want to have Indian work experience on their resume. No wonder that more and more students are opting to experience Bollywood as part of their study abroad program.

Most students of art/journalism and film-making colleges abroad, who come to Mumbai to experience Bollywood, go through a routine that looks somewhat like the following.

  • Create a short film to experience the world of Bollywood
  • The film can be a documentary or spoof on some great Bollywood movie/actors
  • Perform dance sequences with the help of professional choreographers and a camera crew. Getting used to Bollywood moves can be a challenge for many, and will need hours of practice. You need to have lots of patience.
  • Do post-production work at one of the Mumbai studios to finish creating the product.
  • Promote the film at one of the several events that happen in Mumbai, or just make a promo video at one of the studios to be shown on television.

MSU Students in Mumbai

As part of their study abroad program where students are exposed to new cultures and different ways of life, MSU students were in Mumbai, where they also took the opportunity to produce a short Bollywood-style movie. The students were part of their summer program called “Beyond Bollywood: Taste of Indian Media”.


Said one of the students, “We traveled a lot. We traveled to six or seven big cities, which was the main experimental learning we got. We got to see different cultures, we saw a cricket match, various historical monuments, the Taj Mahal. We experienced all different types of food, we went to temples. It was truly a formative way to create our film.” After traveling around India and experiencing the culture for three weeks, their final week was spent in production for their Bollywood-style film.

Students in India as part of study abroad program make their own Bollywood film…they were also on camera for a Bollywood dance sequence in their film.
foreign students in india shooting a dance sequence

Foreign students dressed up to go to a traditional Indian wedding.
foreign students in india attending a wedding

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