Emraan Hashmi not interested in Raaz sequel, says the franchise is a closed chapter

For many actors, making sequels seem to be an easy formula for success at the box-office, especially if the first film is a success. There are several actors who have resorted to making one, when their films failed at the box office.

While there are several successful franchises like Munnabhai, Golmaal, Dhoom, Houseful, making sequels is not a sure shot way to guarantee success at the box-office. It may work for big-budget films, but may not work for other films.

For most studios and actors, franchises are safe bets (at the box office) and make perfect business sense. In some cases, the sequels became even more popular than the first part. For instance, in the case of Munnabhai, the public demand for the franchise was extremely high.

Having said that, a sequel may not work for every film. Besides, there are many who think sequels are made because there’s shortage of good stories.

“For many actors, sequels or franchise films are like a safety net. But recently, we had many examples of sequels that haven’t worked. Making sequels is becoming tricky, as the audience has become intelligent and will watch it only if it interests them,” says Emran Hashmi who feels franchises no longer guarantee success.

Aapke Pyaar Mein Hum from Raaz

Probably that is the reason why Emraan is not ready to do a sequel for Raaz, which is surprising because some of Emraan’s biggest hits have been from the horror series. May be, its because Raaz Reboot (2016) failed at the box office which made Emraan take that decision.

Emraan insists that Raaz is a closed chapter. “I don’t want to do another one in that series, I don’t want to be part of a sequel just for the sake of it.”