First International Film, Arts and Animal Welfare Festival in Mumbai

Audience, especially children and parents, have always loved to watch the relationship between humans and animals in cinema.

The first ever International film, arts and animal welfare festival, will run from July 1 till August 28 at Liberty cinema in Mumbai. The films, based on human-animal relationship, are curated across eight cinematic categories. Over 150 films from over 40 countries lined up for screening.

Issues pertaining to stray, migration, animal welfare and rights, environment and climate change will dominate the curatorial ideas and philosophies of the festival.

Films (& Festivals) on Human-Animal Relationship

In the past, several films, focusing on animals, have been made all over the world. However, in recent times, the kind of movies that are made shows that our attitude towards treatment of animals has evolved into a more healthy respect for life (in general).

In cinema, there is an old actor’s adage that states: “Never work with children or animals. They will always upstage you.”

And going by some of the greatest films ever made (based on the relationship between Humans & Animals), it seems to be true.

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