Fiji woos Indian filmmakers with a massive 47% tax rebate, the highest in the world

With an eye on Bollywood, Fiji woos Indian filmmakers with a massive 47% tax rebate, the highest in the world.

The positive effects of film tourism on a country’s tourism industry is well documented. While its common for countries to offer rebates up to 30%, Fiji has gone really aggressive with its marketing efforts – the country is offering a tempting 47% tax rebate, the highest in the world to Indian filmmakers.

Senior Fiji diplomats, who were in Mumbai recently to showcase Fiji as a film destination made the announcement. The offer can be availed by fully-funded productions who spend more than FJ$250,000 in Fiji.


“With over 40% of the Fiji population of Indian heritage, shooting in Fiji will feel like home,” CEO of Film Fiji.

Other incentives include exemption from paying duty for heavy equipment brought in for filming purposes, as long as they are taken out of the country at the end of production. Another advantage of filming in Fiji is that there’s no workers union.

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Fiji is an archipelago of 333 tropical islands sitting pretty in the South Pacific Ocean, with sparkling stretches of turquoise water, palm fringed beaches, tropical rainforests, lagoons, diving spots and other pristine sites.

Decades back, several labourers were transported from British India to work on sugarcane plantations in Fiji. Last year, Fiji celebrated 100 years since the arrival of the last immigrant ship carrying Indian labourers to the island.

But, the way Fiji is wooing our filmmakers, there’s plenty of reason for Bollywood now to ready their sails.

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