Film bidding portals to create bridge between producers, distributors and TV channels

An online portal for bidding films hopes to make it easy for film producers to find distributors and TV rights for their films, without having to depend on mediators.

While most producers struggle to get in touch with television channels, a startup company in India offers them an online platform to exclusively interact with television channel heads. The company aims to get deals in the easiest and most convenient way for channels and producers.

And here’s how it will work.

Once film producers post information about their new film online, distributors and channels can see the information and bid for the same. Producers can then choose the bid that works best for them and work out a deal with the distributor. None of the identities of the bidders will be revealed until the highest bid is reached.

This is what Bid Cinemas hope to achieve through their online bidding platform.

Bid Cinemas will initially focus on the Kochi and Chennai film industries and already has tie ups with several leading production houses. The company has several movies at the dubbing stage ready for the bidding process.

“We have done extensive research on the issues producers, distributors and TV networks face and tackled them through our portal. In the future we can be a platform for international films to exclusively distribute great films without any mediators,” Jeevan Eyyar, CEO of Bid Cinema.