Film based on the “Komagata Maru incident” will be first film produced under India-Canada co-production treaty

“Lions of the Sea”, based on the Komagata Maru incident, will be first film produced under India-Canada co-production treaty. The film will star Irrfan Khan and will be produced by Salman Khan Films & First Take Entertainment.

The film, set in 1914, is based on a true story surrounding the voyage from India to Canada of 376 Indian passengers, aboard the Komagata Maru (ship sailing from Hong Kong to Vancouver). Those Indians were not happy with the living conditions back in India, and were seeking a life of opportunity and privilege.

“Lions of the Sea” is a voyage that challenged the spying, duplicity, racism and hypocrisy of the largest Empire in the world. When the ship reached Vancouver, Komagata Maru was denied entry and the passengers had to stay at the docks of Vancouver for two months, after which, the ship was forced (the Canadian government sent two naval ships to escort the Komagata Maru out of Canadian territory) to return back to Calcutta.

The incidents which surrounded the events of this journey have forever changed the immigration policies of Canada.

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“SKF is delighted to join hands with First Take and participate in telling the story of the Komagata Maru incident. “Lions of the Sea” is a film based on a true incident which depicts heroism of all those who were on board and challenged the racial policies of the British Empire,” says Salman Khan.

The film will feature an ensemble cast of international talent, led by International star Irrfan Khan. This epic story will be shot in India, U.K., Hong Kong and Canada.