Here’s how to get the best bang for your buck during Festive Shopping

There are many who now wait for the right time to shop, in order to take advantage of the several Online Festivals. Online shopping festivals are a regular feature now, and you should definitely set aside a budget to take advantage of such occasions.

Its because even though you may want to buy anything & everything, be it for your own self, family, friends or relatives, the unfortunate reality is that all of us have limited amount of money to spend.

And to get the best bang for your buck, it does make sense to set aside a budget for the holiday season, be it Holi, Diwali, Eid, 15th August, 26th January, or Christmas.

In western countries, there are people who open up a separate bank account, specifically for Christmas shopping. They set aside money each week/month beginning a few months before Christmas, so that they have enough to do all their shopping (I’m sure its never enough though), and also eliminates the stress which often accompanies last minute Christmas shopping. There are some who set aside their financial bonuses only for shopping.

In the case of credit card purchases, you may want to spread your shopping out over the entire year so that it becomes easy to repay the debts monthly. Remember, a very high interest is levied on credit card balances, so its best to clear them off. However, this method only suits a few; most prefer to shop during the festive season.


Shopping during the festive season (especially Eid, Diwali & Christmas) can catch you by surprise if you fail to budget for it. So it’s best to be prepared for it, considering that online shopping in India is set to become much bigger.

Shop During Festive Season for Best Deals

The festive season is the time when you reach out to your dear ones, its the time to give, and also to shop for your own self. So take advantage of the huge sales which happen during the festive season.

Shop During Festive Season for Best Deals

Here are few things to remember which will make your shopping pleasurable and also within budget:

  • Prepare a budget in advance, especially if its a big occasion like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, or online Festivals.
  • Always keep your budget in mind while you do your shopping.
  • Spend time at a shop looking at the different colors and styles to get an idea of what the product feels like, if you’re unsure about the product.
  • Online shopping is gradually becoming popular in India so take advantage of the that; the discounts are usually better when shopping online.

You can land yourself some great discounts when shopping during the festival season, but you need to plan it beforehand. Online shopping is growing in India, and like some of the foreign countries it’s going to be huge soon, so keep an eye on the online offers & deals as well.

Are Products Really the Cheapest when You Buy Them Online?

There are many who feel that the various online shopping festivals (offered during Diwali, GOSF, Christmas) manipulates the prices during the event so that the customers feel that they are getting a huge discount. Is that really true?

This is not completely true, however some merchants may try to price some of the products in such a way that you’ll feel that you’re getting a big discount. This is especially true of most high-end electronic gadgets that have recently been launched, where most companies really cannot offer a lot of discount.

Check the Products Offline As Well
Most consumers feel that products are found the cheapest when you buy them online. However, the huge price discounts offered on the products may not be genuine and often the prices may be inflated. An online shopper recently purchased a pair of sandals online, costing Rs 799 attracted by the 50 per cent discount offer. But he could clearly see that its maximum retail price (MRP) was Rs 399…it was printed on the straps of the sandals.

Most of the products (especially those mentioned as of export quality) may be of pretty ordinary variety, which are available in the local market, and that too at a lesser price.

Basically, its the responsibility of the consumer to check the product at the local retailer as well, before making a purchase. A wise consumer compares the product online as well as locally to see who offers a better price.

For Most Products, Online is Cheaper
Having said that, online merchants want to make the most of the various shopping seasons, so they do price the products in a way that has a better chance of making a sale. So if you intend to buy the latest smartphone, you need to have an idea of its pricing in shops so that you can compare.

But on select cameras, watches, several household products, baby products, fashion & jewelry items, you indeed get a very good price during holiday seasons.

There’s no reason to feel apprehensive; in case you’re not happy with the product, most online retailers nowadays have a good return-back policy. So make the most of the various online shopping festivals.

E-Retailers Shower Huge Discounts, It’s Really Happy Diwali for Indian Buyers

With e-Retailers offering huge discounts on their shopping websites, it’s really Happy Diwali for buyers. Big players trying to catch up with one another is indeed good news for Indian shoppers.

This Diwali season, you’ll be spoilt for choice as e-shopping biggies fight amongst themselves to offer your the best deals on a whole range of products.

From electronics to accessories, online retailers are bracing for nearly 1 lakh orders each day. With discount rates expected to touch 60-70 per cent, the festive fortnight may well match up to the online shopping craze of United States’ Cyber Monday, the Monday following the Thanksgiving Day when sales touch $1 billion.

Not wanting to lose out on the big bucks, brick-and-mortar retailers too are scrambling to compete with websites. Many of them have slashed price by half and are offering one-plus-one and buy-two-get-one-free deals.

Several trader associations have vowed not to supply goods to online retailers who sell below the market price. This has led to online retailers saying that they are mere marketplaces where the prices are decided by other sellers.

As murky as the situation might be, consumers are the clear winners. “I have been buying products online for a long time now. They offer door delivery and in case I do not like the product, I can get it returned without having to go to a store and wait in line. This is much simpler,” says Arvind T, an HR professional in Bangalore.


Here’s Why India’s Shopping Websites Fiercely Compete for Diwali Sales

Did you notice the number of discounts being offered on the Indian online shopping landscape? Almost everybody is offering discounts and that too huge one; every player is trying to outdo the other one, and go after each other’s throats, especially during the Diwali season. Do you know why? Here’s the answer!

A large chunk of the annual business happens in the time between Dussehra and Diwali. E-commerce players have scaled operations and expanded teams, with the fresh rounds of funding.

Compared to previous years, a lot of money has been spent on driving traffic and they have gotten a lot of press. The companies have improved their service and delivery infrastructure as well. There is also a shift in the consumer mindset now. Shopping online is more than just experimentation for customers.

Online Shopping Entices Holi Revelers With Competitive Prices & Shopping Comfort

Holi is a festival where you actually don’t get into the mood till you see people around you in the festive spirit. That is why most holi related shopping is done at the last moment, which means you don’t get the best of deals. However, there’s a better option. If you want the best of colours, sprinklers or balloon for your kid but reluctant to leave your cozy sofa, online shopping before Holi is definitely an option worth considering.

Nowadays online stores have started luring the buyers by various promotional schemes resulting into availability of these items on a very competitive prices. The plastic ‘pichkari’s’ (sprinklers) are of various sizes and designs i.e. from that of different cartoon characters to popular designs like guns and articles of daily use. It also has gulal, herbal colours and the water colours.

The online shopping portals also has some items for those who love to prank during the festival of colours. From pencil to pen or colour spray, these website has something for everyone.

“While most of the middle class and youngsters are frequently using online shopping for different electronic items, the concept of Holi items is fresh and will be very useful,” said a student.

An office executive said, “almost every good shop is in Chowk area of the city which is full of traffic jams but now it is good that these items are just a click of a button away.”

But not all are lured by the offers. “My kid refused the idea as he says that how can he pick his favorite pichkari without touching it,” said Sachin. Moreover, who knows whether the article is not damaged, especially the plastic materials, he added.

Will the ordered item reach within time, is another problem which is making some diehard supporter of online shopping to refrain from the same.

However, shopping websites do have a good collection of vibrant coloured items. “The milk mug, sweet hampers and other items are also available on decently good prices. “Gifting my younger brother with a milk cup, having all the colours, is a good idea provided the same arrives before Holi,” said one holi reveler. But with companies streamling their processes, the issue of delivery should get sorted out.