(Fake News) Patanjali chief Baba Ramdev’s death news goes viral on Whatsapp

Death hoaxes and fake forwards have become common nowadays, and the latest fake news is the death of Yoga Guru and Patanjali top boss Baba Ramdev in a road accident road accident on the Mumbai-Pune highway.

A WhatsApp thread suggesting that Baba Ramdev and four others have been involved in a car accident while travelling from Pune to Mumbai. There are few images send along with the fake message suggesting Baba Ramdev’s death.

A picture showing Baba Ramdev carried on a hospital stretcher from an ambulance while another image is that of brutally crashed car.

While the picture of the crashed car is latest, Baba Ramdev’s photo that is being circulated is taken from 2011. In 2011 Baba Ramdev witnessed a deadly accident in Bihar when the Yogi Guru had to be rushed to the hospital. These old pictures are now being used to create distress in the form of a hoax message.

“No such incident has taken place on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The messages are fake,” a highway control officer told. The highway authorities have rubbished these rumours and confirmed that no such mishap has taken place.