Dubrovnik Tourist Board’s Tourism Promo Film Wins Praise All Over the World

Dubrovnik Tourist Board’s film ‘Dubrovnik and Time’, produced by BALDUCI FILM (Zagreb based studio), is getting rave reviews from around the world (and has also won several tourism awards).

Dubrovnik is a very popular tourist destination in Croatia, and this video gives a very respectable presentation of Dubrovnik. You can see the breathtaking views in the video.

Watch: Checkout the Dubrovnik and Time promo video by Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Fan’ had several scenes that were filmed in the historic Dubrovnik City.

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More on Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and offers a rare blend of the past and present. It has a rich history, attractive geographic locations, mild climate, offers world-class hospitality and has excellent tourism infrastructure.

The location also sees a higher volume of corporate tourism (conventions, congresses, corporate incentive programs) than any other location in Croatia.

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