Us President Donald Trump’s real estate firm has max investments in India, outside of North America.

Outside of North America, US President Donald Trump’s real estate firm has the maximum investment in India.

The world now knows that Donald Trump is the president of USA, but very few know that he’s a real estate tycoon and is behind some of the most hi-profile building structures in the world.

Donald trump has always been an admirer of India, and had long back spotted the potential in the Indian real estate sector.

His company is involved in several luxury residential and office projects in India (in partnership with local partners) in several cities in India, including Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.

Among his ongoing projects include a 75 storey luxury residential project called ‘Trump Towers’ (in partnership with Lodha Group) in Lower Parel in Mumbai, a luxury residential project and an office project with M3M India and IREO, respectively, in Gurgaon, a luxury housing project with Panchshil Realty in Pune (completed) and a yet to be launched project in Kolkata.

The Indian partners will pay Trump an undisclosed sum in royalty (depending on the sales figure) for licensed use of Trump’s brand name in the projects.

The projects had already garnered interest among Indian investors because of Trump’s brand name, and now with Trump being the US president, investors are going to show more interest in his projects.