Dhoom 3: Made 500 Crores Worldwide, Got Aamir to the Top

Can Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 Make 300 Crores & Regain His Bollywood Supremacy?
Dhoom 3 made 300 crores (almost) in the domestic market, helped Aamir Khan regain his Bollywood Supremacy and is still going strong in new & emerging markets like China.

Before Dhoom 3 released, the question on everybody’s mind was whether Aamir Khan ‘The Perfectionist’ would be able to propel Dhoom 3 past the 300 Crore mark & regain his Bollywood supremacy, which was taken away from him after 3 Idiots.

When Chennai Express first went past 200 crores, nobody expected the record to be broken so fast. But krrish 3 managed to do it quite easily as well. So it seems, 200 crores is the new benchmark (and not 100 crores) for the top superstars.

So the question on everybody’s lips was whether ‘Dhoom 3’ – an awsome franchise by Bollywood standards and starring Aamir khan – would be able to beat all the records and touch the magic figure of 300 crore rupees in the domestic market.

Well, although it didn’t do 300 crores in the domestic market but it came very close to achieving that feat.


Most experts did believe that there was a fair chance that the movie would achieve that feat. These were the reasons working in its favor:

  • The ‘Dhoom’ franchise has only gotten bigger with every release
  • ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan starred in it (I’m sure his fans would have loves to see his film retain the highest grossing movie title, which 3 Idiots held for a very long time)
  • It was released during the big holiday season (year end) and had no major releases that could compete with it

So there was no doubt that the movie’s release was planned quite strategically.

Now let us see how the trade analysts do the figure crunching.

  • The last few releases have shown that big releases can easily collect 30 crore+ on holidays, so even on average count Dhoom will surely collect 150+ crore on 5 clear holidays it has got (22 Dec, 25 Dec, 29 Dec, 31 Dec, 1 Jan)
  • Add another 100+ crores that covers Fridays, Saturdays and extra christmas holidays that many people usually take during this time
  • So grossing 250-270 crore looks achievable. With no major releases before Salman Khan’s Jai Ho, even if the film gets another run of 20 odd days without any competition, the producers can expect to collect another 0-50 crore easily.

Wow, that adds up to around 300 crores.

So, was there anything that could have played spoilsport and halted its journey to 300 crores?

Yes, there’s always a possibility that the movie may not click with the masses (looked remote in this case, but possible), bad reviews & word of mouth could have stopped the movie from achieving that magical figure.

But fortunately, nothing of that sort happened and Dhoom 3 almost zoomed towards the 300 crore mark! More than anything, it gave Aamir Khan an opportunity to prove that he was still a massive force to reckon with, despite existence of the Kings, Badshahs & Superheros of Bollywood.

I’m sure his fans are elated that the movie emerged a winner, and he was able to regain his Bollywood supremacy that was taken away from 3 Idiots by recent movies.

Dhoom 3, which used the services of Hollywood stuntmen and special effects team, and was created keeping a larger audience in mind, has crossed 300 crores in India. And considering its overseas earnings, Dhoom 3 has become the first ever Indian film to earn more than 500 crores.

The interesting part is that the movie has done excellent collection overseas as well (always been a Shah Rukh Khan domain). ‘Dhoom 3’ got the highest ever opening in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and UAE. It was also released in China where it did some brisk business.