Dhoom 3 Did a Dark Knight in Chicago, Almost!

Dhoom 3 in Chicago
Most of us have already seen this movie by now, and you probably already know by now that Dhoom 3 was shot extensively in Chicago, USA.

The cast and crew of Dhoom 3 shot in Chicago for three months, so you can see enough of the city in the film. This is the first time Aamir has shot for a film in Chicago.

The action scenes in the film, whether it’s Aamir clinging onto a helicopter or riding a bike or a motorboat, have all been shot right in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Dhoom 3 shot in Chicago, US

Dhoom 3 shot in Chicago, US

Checkout this video to see behind the scenes footage from Dhoom:3 that was shot in Chicago!

The movie does look great and captures the best of Chicago, and there are many who think that when it comes to movies, Dhoom:3 portrays Chicago the best.

Do you guys agree? I think the Hollywood movie ‘Dark Knight’ did an amazing job too. What do you think?