Defamation Case Reins in KRK, Apologises for His Mean Jibes

The option of taking the legal route by Bollywood celebs (especially Vikram Bhatt) seems to have worked against KRK. Feeling the heat, finally KRK (Kamaal Rashid Khan) apologised to Bollywood for his derogatory remarks and promised to be a serious critic.

For a long time, KRK (who’s acted in a few Bollywood movies, was in Bigg Boss & is a film critic) have been making headlines, thanks to his below-the-belt remarks on Bollywood celebrities.

Celebs, on their part, have been ignoring his remarks (although most were miffed), but now they have to thank Vikram Bhatt that their ordeal is over.

It all began after KRK accused Vikram Bhatt of trying to “supply Meera Chopra to a well-known producer”.

Not to take things lying down, Vikram Bhatt slapped a criminal defamation notice on KRK for spreading false and derogatory stories about him.

And that seemed to have done the trick!


This is because KRK apologised to Bollywood, and decided to let the troller in him go.

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Defamation is basically a false statement that harms the reputation of another individual person, product or business. In India, defamation can both be a civil wrong and a criminal offence. A civil wrong provides redressal of wrongs by awarding compensation, whereas a criminal law punishes a wrongdoer and send a message to others not to commit such acts. Read more on Defamation

KRK even apologised to other Bollywood celebrities, for offending them in the past.

And even Vikram Bhatt was gracious enough to forgive KRK. He replied back saying, “You are a talented critic and people will take you seriously now because you are not a troll anymore.”

Lisa Haydon’s Perfect Reply to KRK

Model turned actress Lisa Haydon showed KRK his place by a perfect reply after KRK was caught drooling over his picture.

Lisa had posted a picture of herself hanging from a basketball ring wearing shots and a checkered shirt wrapped around her waist on Twitter.

The picture got Kamaal Khan excited and soon he was in his elements.

However, Lisa gave her a fitting (and awesome) reply…