Deepti Naval: One of the finest actresses in Indian Cinema of the 80s

Deepti Naval, along with Smita Patil and Shabani Azmi, ruled the parallel cinema (art cinema) during the late seventies and the eighties.

Born in Amritsar, Deepti Naval made her acting debut with Shyam Benegal’s Junoon. Over the years, Deepti starred in several films like Katha, Chashme Buddoor, Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho!, Hip Hip Hurray, Damul, Mirch Masala, and more. Deepti has given several critically acclaimed performances and cine buffs would always remember her with fond memories (especially as Miss Chamko in Chashme Baddoor).

Here are some more interesting facts about Deepti’s life.

Deepti’s Parents Were Professors. The ambiance at home was one of books. And even though she dreamt of becoming an actress, she never thought of joining a film school or institute because she knew her parents would never have allowd her to become an actress.

Deepti is also a very good painter (her mother being a good painter herself). when her family migrated to US after school, she studied painting as her major subject in New York. Her father wanted her to join a full-fledged art institute in Paris after my B.A.

The Pregnant Nun by Deepti Naval
Ms. Naval with her controversial painting “The pregnant nun”.

“Nuns have always intrigued me. To give up normal life and devote themselves with a single mindedness of purpose towards their cause, seems such an intense thing to do. So I wanted to be a nun. I never ever thought I’d get married and have babies and lead a regular life in that sense.”

Deepti is also a poet. Her initial days in Mumbai , when she was new to the film world, she felt extremely lonely. “I used to be very depressed and found it difficult to hold the melancholy inside me. That’s when I began writing poetry.”

Kahan Se Aaye Badra song from Chashme Buddoor | Deepti Naval