Brit-born Indian actress comes to the premier of her debut film at her own expense

Brit-born Indian actress Soni Kaur debut film ‘Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha’ released lat week. She alleges that most of her scenes were chopped off.

Soni was promised “a massive launch” by filmmaker Suneel Darshan. But Kaur says that she stopped hearing from the filmmaker after the trailer launch.

Brit-born Indian actress Soni Kaur

She was not even aware about the film’s premiere. “I was informed about the film’s premiere only when I managed to get in touch with the production team. When they refused to book a ticket, I flew down for the event at my own expense.”

Kaur went on to add that director Darshan was avoiding her ever since she came to Mumbai. “He has stopped responding to my calls or messages. I have also watched the film, and most of my scenes have been chopped off. This isn’t what we’d agreed upon.”

However, director Suneel Darshan begs to differ.

“She has a total of four dialogues in the film, why should I promise her a grand launch? And who I call for my film’s premiere, is my prerogative. As per our agreement, she isn’t allowed to speak to the press either. Clearly, she is doing all this for her two minutes of fame. I have done no wrong. She has been given whatever the contract promised her. As for her claims of me avoiding her, I have a legitimate office space in the city. She can take an appointment to come see me.”

Bollywood is considered to be an unkind industry, and I am sure Soni Kaur has learnt it the hard way.