Darr movie trivia (Shahrukh, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn & the Swiss Alps)

Going back in time…all the trivia related to Yash Chopra directed movie ‘Darr’, a turning point in Shahrukh Khan’s career.

Yash Chopra as Director

Its said that the idea (and even the title) for the film was first given by Hrithik Roshan, after Hrithik and Uday Chopra (Yash Chopra’s son) watched the Hollywood film Dead Calm (1989).

When the movie was first conceived, Yash Chopra’s assistant Naresh Malhotra was supposed to direct the film, with Raveen Tandon, Deepak Malhotra and Deepak Tijori as the actors.

However, things could not take off and that’s when Yash Chopra took over the film, although he was reluctant at first because of the violence involved (Yash Chopra is King of Romance).

Popular horror filmmakers, the Ramsay brothers had reserved the title ‘Darr’. However, when Yash Chopra requested for the title, the filmmakers agreed to let the title go to Yash ji.


Aamir Khan & Yash Chopra

Not many are aware but Aamir Khan was the first choice for SRK’s negative role in Yash Chopra’s Darr. Even the songs were recorded keeping Aamir Khan in mind (later, with Shahrukh on-board, Udit Narayan’s song was retained). However, due to creative differences with Yash Chopra (most directors have had creative differences with Aamir Khan), Aamir decided to walk out of the movie.

Earlier, Divya Bharti was finalized for the movie, but Aamir insisted on Juhi Chawla (her QSQT co-star). Yash gave in to Aamir Khan’s demand. But then Aamir wanted some changes in the climax (Aamir was not happy with the way Yash Chopra had directed Aamir in Parampara, opposite Raveena Tandon) but this time Yash Chopra was not willing to oblige, thus leading to Aamir’s exit.

After the success of the movie, Aamir khan did regret his decision for opting out of Darr (he was more upset that he now had Shahrukh as a competitor in the industry).

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Ajay Devgn as Villain

When Aamir Khan exited the film, Yash Chopra thought of casting Ajay Devgan for Aamir’s role. However, Devgan, who was busy shooting for another movie in Ooty, never got back to Yash Chopra because of his commitments.

Shahrukh, who went on to become a star, did several memorable films with Kajol, Ajay Devgan’s wife. SRK and Ajay were never comfortable with each other and the two avoided each other for a long time.

Shahrukh Khan – A Star was Born

However, when Shahrukh Khan got to know about it, he approached Yash Chopra and convinced him to sign him instead (SRK was already doing Baazigar where he had similar scenes), and the rest is now History. An important lesson for strugglers here – Don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking at your doorsteps. Those were the days when Shahrukh was really hungry to make it big. This movie was a turning point in SRK’s career.

This is one of those rare films in Bollywood, where the villain walked away with all the appreciation (and sympathy in this film) from the audience, as compared to the hero.

Sunny Deol Furious

After narrating the story, Yash Chopra offered Sunny Deol both the roles (hero and villain), but Sunny Deol rejected the villain’s role as he was unsure about doing it (worried about losing fans) and also felt the villain’s didn’t have much to offer.

Sunny Deol was a big star then, but after the movie, Shahrukh walked away with all the accolades.

Sunny Deol was furious with the way his role was shaping up in the movie, but could not utter a word out of respect to Yash Chopra, who was a much senior director. Sunny Deol, who has the habit of putting his hands in his pant’s pockets tore his pants once because of anger.

I Love You K K K.. Kiran

This is one of the most popular dialogue in the history of Bollywood films. If someone has to imitate Shahrukh, this is the dialogue they attempt.

Watch: I Love You K K K.. Kiran dialogue by Shahrukh in Darr

Music for Darr

Music for the movie ‘Darr’ was composed by classical musicians Shiv Kumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia. This was the last movie for which Shiv-Hari composed. Earlier the duo had composed music for Silsila (directed by Yash Chopra)

Watch: Jaadu Teri Nazar, sung by Udit Narayan. Music: Shiv – Hari. Lyricsby Anand Bakshi. Udit Narayan was one of the top playback singers in Bollywood then.

Costumes / Outfits for Darr

In the song ‘Tu Mere Saamne’, Shahrukh is seen wearing a shirt that is also seen in the song “Baazigar O Baazigar” in the movie Baazigar. Its because, Shahrukh was already working for Baazigar when he signed Darr.

In the dance sequence, known as “Darr Obsession”, Juhi Chawla wore a saree that looked very similar to that of Madhuri Dixit in “Dhak Dhak” from “Beta” (1992).

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In the song “Tu Mere Saamne,” Juhi wears an outfit similar to what Sridevi wore in Chandni (1989). Juhi Chawla had a cameo role in Chandni.

Yash Chopra initially offered the role of Kiran to his favorite actress back then – Sridevi, but she did not like the role of Kiran, as she felt the character did not have much to do. Sridevi rejected the movie after discussing with Yash Chopra.

Darr Shot in Switzerland

The movie was shot in Switzerland, Yash Chopra’s favorite destination.

Watch: Tu Mere Saamne song, shot in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. Watch Jungfraujoch in full glory in the song.

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