Shakira was right: Hips don’t lie when it comes to dance moves

When it comes to dance moves, dance moves involving shaking hips are the hottest (as per survey). Fluidity of hips also signals a woman’s fitness and reproductive health.

Here are some interesting observations based on the analysis of the dance moves involving women.

  • Reporting in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers found that at least among the 200 viewers of 39 young women’s dance moves, lots of hip movement and asymmetrical arm and leg movements got the highest ratings.
  • One of the researchers told Scientific American, that the hips also signal a woman’s fitness and even reproductive health.
  • Most of the viewers doing the rating were female, which means, dance moves also is about competitive display of skill. “They’re showing off how good they are to female rivals,” says the researcher.
  • Displaying confidence during dancing helps one gain not just romantic partners but also friends.
  • The stiffness of the lowest-rated dancers, for instance, is suggestive of shyness, while the asymmetry of arm and leg movements hints at a more relaxed person.

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