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currency converter, travel exchange rates
Keep updated with the latest Travel exchange rates and use this handy currency converter. Now you can easily convert between popular worldwide currencies at today’s exchange rate.

Want to plan your next foreign holidays?

Have some foreign currencies with you, from your last holiday?

Plan to study in the US, UK or Australia?

You’ll need to know how much your local currency is worth against popular currencies such as the dollar, euro and the pound.


Besides, the more foreign currency you want, the more important it is to get a good exchange rate!

Here’s a reliable free currency converter that you may use for business or personal use.

Its easy to use!

Simply enter the amount, select a ‘From’ and ‘To’ currency, and then click on Convert to get instant conversion results.

Currency Converter

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Currency Converter

If you travel regularly, you would know that Airport rates are notoriously low, and really not the ideal place to convert your currencies (especially for bigger amounts). So its important to plan ahead and sort out your travel money (find out the various options), a week or 2 before you travel, to get a good rate. The difference in exchange rates (and fees) can be substantial, depending on how much you convert!