Christmas, New Year is a great time for film business

Planning a movie’s release at the right time is one of the most important strategies that film producer’s have to make. Holidays such as Christmas, Diwali, Eid are the time when most film producers want to release their movies as people are generally in a good mood and like to watch movies with families.

The Christmas to New Year week is one such week that naturally boosts the business of films, thanks to the festive spirit; people are more open to spending money and they are in that party mood and are always looking for some entertainment.

Time to watch movies
The holidays last for many days, which only benefits the films that are released around that time.

Another reason why people watch lot of films in theatres during this time is because most of them find it expensive to travel for holidays as air tickets and hotels become too expensive during this time. Instead, most families prefer to eat out and watch movies.

Film industry experts consider December to be the ‘golden month’ in India, as collections touch new heights during this period, not just for films but for the entire entertainment industry.

Time to release movies
Christmas week has been the most lucrative period for films over the past few years as well. Tiger Zinda Hai, Dangal, P.K., 3 Idiots are some of the blockbuster movies that benefited from the extended holidays.


No doubt they were all great movies and would anyways have become super-hits, the Christmas to New Year week does add to the box office collection of a movies.

So if a movie gets favourable reviews and the word of mouth is also good, the film can expect good business during this week when the New Year holidays kick in.

Producers also don’t worry much about competition during this time and are fine releasing their movies alongside big-budget movies because they know people are in the mood to watch movies and they need more choices. Due to digitisation, now even single screens can offer multiple movies through the day and through the week.

Even Single-screens benefit during this time
Multiplexes of-course do good business during the year-end period, but even single-screens do brisk business during these 10-14 days (depending on how the weekends are placed).

Single screens always try to maximise profits; they want to sell more movie tickets, doesn’t matter if it is a regional movie or a Bollywood blockbuster. If they see a movie is not doing well, they will immediately reduce the number of shows and replace it with another movie, which may earn better.