Celebrities Who Charge 1 Crore Per Min to Perform At Private Shows And Weddings

celebrities who perform at private shows & weddings Most of our A-list Bollywood stars make some great money from movies. But they also earn quite well from product endorsements.

However, not many are aware that their best paid assignments are the ones where they have to perform for private shows, parties & weddings.

If you look at the amount they get paid for the time to put in, you would definitely agree. And in some cases the numbers can really be mind-boggling.

Most Indian businesses are becoming huge and growing worldwide, but being Indians, they love Bollywood. So whenever they throw a party or there’s some important occasion, you can definitely expect a Bollywood personality to perform at the event.

For GV Krishna Reddy’s (GVK Group) granddaughter Mallika’s wedding (2011), you had Viveik Oberoi playing MC, Hema Malini performing at the mehendi and sangeet, Shah Rukh Khan doing a small skit, dancing gig by Priyanka Chopra and Mallika Sherawat, and they all were paid handsomely.

And that’s where lies a thriving business opportunity for our Bollywood stars.

Here we take a look at some of our celebrities who are paid handsomely to perform for such events.

Shah Rukh Khan

There’s a reason he’s called the Baadshaah of Bollywood! With endless energy, charming wits, and ability to connect with the audience, SRK is the most invited Bollywood celebrity.

He receives over couple of hundred invites every year (for small appearances/kits), of which he accepts about 10 after reading the scripts. It easily turns out to around Rs.30 – Rs.40 crores per year!

Just for an appearance Shah Rukh Khan reportedly charges about $15k to $20k. He was paid around Rs 8 crore to perform at a wedding (30-minute gig) at Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah in May 2013.

Kylie Minogue

Australian singer Kylie Minogue, who performed for a song in the movie Blue, also performed during the wedding of Lakshmi Mittal’s youngest daughter.

Lakshmi Mittal is Britain’s richest and India’s second richest man, who splurged an approximate $60 million on the wedding of his youngest daughter Vanisha in June 2004.

The performance fetched Kylie Minogue a cool £200,000.

Michael Jackson

Yes, even Michael Jackson used to do private performances, and one of them was for the Sultan of Brunei – Haji Hassanal Bolkiah’s 50th birthday!

MJ was paid a cool $16 million for his performance!