Kangana donates ₹42 lakh for Cauvery, hails DiCaprio but slams Bollywood

Several film celebrities are supporting the Cauvery Calling initiative by Isha foundation (founded by Sadhguru). Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has donated Rs 42 Lakh for the initiative. South actresses Kajal Aggarwal and Tamannaah Bhatia are supporting the initiative.

So what is Cauvery Calling all about? Here’s what I got from Isha foundation’s website.

Cauvery river is depleting fast. The simplest way to make Cauvery flow again is to plant more trees near its banks. Cauvery Calling is an initiative by Isha foundation that will support farmers to plant close to 242 crore trees to revitalize the river Cauvery.

Kangana Ranaut who is supporting this cause that will help increase the green cover near the river, also lashed out to Bollywood celebrities for not giving enough attention to the Chennai droughts, whereas Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio had expressed his concern regarding the issue.

“The drought in Chennai became a global issue. Leonardo Di Caprio was concerned about it even though he is in the US. Don’t you think I will die of shame if I have no concern about what is happening in my country?” Kangana (donated Rs 42 Lakh towards the initiative).


Slamming Bollywood film celebrities, Kanaga said they were just social media activists.

“Nobody is rich enough, everybody needs money, I am sure it goes the same for the richest people in India. When I hear about them, they are under a lot of debt and that too 1000s of crores of loans and it scares you. So my point is it is never too easy to take out even Rs 42 from your pocket and give it to somebody else. Hence celebrities need to set precedents where they are beyond armchair warriors. It isn’t a big deal to donate Rs 42 lakh but who will go through the hassle of opening the link and making the payment?”

But why did she donate 42 lakh rupees, and say not fifty lakh?

It’s because Rs 42 is needed to plant a sapling (to be done by volunteers of Isha Foundation). So Kangana has donated towards planting one lakh saplings.

Well, we think this is a great cause and we all need to support such initiatives if we want our children to grow up in a greener world.