Real Car Crash Was the Reason Shakti Kapoor Got a Big Role in Qurbani

Shakti Kapoor, father of shraddha-kapoor Hordes of people come to Mumbai everyday with big dreams in their eyes, and then struggle for years to get that break which will catapult them towards stardom. Some get it soon, whereas some spend their entire life struggling.

Those who get the break, also have some amount of luck working for them.

Bollywood villain/comedian ‘Shakti Kapoor’ also landed his first major film role in an unexpected manner, and that too from the late maverick & stylish film maker ‘Feroz Khan’.

Here’s how the story goes…

Shakti Kapoor, who was then a struggling actor and had done small roles in a few films, had recently bought himself a second-hand car. As he was driving towards a studio, at one of the junctions, a car came and crashed onto his car.

And that car belonged to Feroz Khan.

Both of them got out of their respective cars and what followed was a very heated argument, and almost came close to blows. After a while, things cooled down a bit and they went their separate ways!

A few days later, through word of mouth, Shakti Kapoor came to know that Feroz Khan was looking for a young man with whom he was involved in a car crash a few days back. Shakti Kapoor thought Feroz Khan was still upset with that incident, and being a newcomer in the industry, he decided to meet Feroz Khan to offer his explanation/apologies.

shakti kapoor & feroz khan
However, there was something pleasant for him in store!

It seems Feroz Khan was quite impressed with the way Shakti Kapoor displayed his anger during their verbal tiff, and felt that Shakti was the perfect man to do the role of the main villain in his upcoming movie Qurbani.

And that’s how Shakti Kapoor landed his first big role in a big film, something that he was eagerly looking for, to provide him a good launch pad.

From then, there was no looking back for Shakti Kapoor. Feroz Khan cast Shakti Kapoor yet again in a villain’s role in his next movie Janbaaz (1986), which was Khan’s next film after Qurbaani.

Did that car crash save Shakti Kapoor a few years of struggle? Perhaps!