Sunny Leone & hubby chill in Cancun Beach, Mexico

Hottie Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber were seen chilling in Cancum beach, Mexico. Check out pictures of Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber from one of the most popular holiday destination.

“So nice to finally be on a beach vacation Cancun Mexico,” wrote Sunny Leone.


The couple have business interests in North America, and whenever they go America, they make it a point to holiday in Mexico.

About Cancun

The Mexican resort city of Cancun is situated close to the warm waters of the Caribbean sea. Its the sand that has revived the fortunes of this wonderful place; millions of visitors come here every year for holidays.

The sands of Cancun has a unique property that allows it to stay cool, no matter how hot the weather is. The locals call it air-conditioned sand, a gift from the gods.

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