Buying Lingerie for Women: Quick Guide For Men

Buying Lingerie for Women: Here’s a quick guide for men that will help them buy lingerie that gets used rather than get shoved in the cupboard.

The word ‘Lingerie’ basically means undergarments (of both sexes) in French, but over the years the term has come to be associated with sexy or fashionable women’s undergarments. The actual French term is ‘linge’ but several people started pronouncing it differently, and the term stuck; now the word ‘lingerie’ is associated with designer undergarments.

kangana in lingerie GQ shoot
Kangana Ranaut in lingerie for GQ photo-shoot

Bit of History

Decades back, women wore undergarments to alter their figures or for modesty. The corsets that women wore were large and bulky. The corsets got less bulky with the invention of crinoline; over the years corsets got replaced by brassiere.

When World War One broke out, more and more women started working in factoring and industries and manufacturers recognized the need for lighter and more practical undergarments. As time went by the undergarments started getting smaller and more form fitting.

Do Men Know Anything about Buying Lingerie?

In reality, most men know nothing about buying lingerie. They either buy what their partner asked them to or they pick up something that they would like to see their partner in (after seeing some hottie on television).

The only time men think of buying lingerie is when they’re asked to or when they plan on gifting it. They believe that you cannot go wrong when it comes to gifting lingerie (and its true to an extent); women love the fact that their partners are pampering them, and men like what results from the gifting.

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Useful Tips to Buy Lingerie

But here are some points to keep in mind that will help you buy (or order) the right lingerie.

  • Do not let your imagination run free in the store and buy something you saw in a porno. You might like it, but your partner may not. If she never wears a g-string, chances are she will still not want to wear one even if you buy it for her. You need to buy her something that suits her style and taste so that it gets used and is not shoved in the back of her drawer.
    1. Learn a bit of basic lingerie terminology. Obviously, men are aware of bras and panties. Camisoles are like a bra with a built in sheer part that covers the midriff. Teddies are like little one piece’s that cover the whole torso. Either of these are a great choice for a man to buy as a present because they suggest romance instead of kinkiness or lustiness.
    2. Its a good idea to go through her cupboard, to see what colors she likes, and to recheck the size so that you do not go wrong. To know the size, simply look for a bra she has left lying around or find one in her drawer, and write down the sizes. If you can, find a pair that has a number size, and will guarantee a better fit.
    3. Avoid anything that says ‘control’ or ‘reducing’ or anything similar on the label. She could misinterpret it as you calling her fat – a big NO! Similarly, cleavage-enhancing bras could mean you’re calling her flat chested.
    4. In general, avoid getting kinky items, because that generally does not say ‘I love you’, unless you’ve already discussed with your partner beforehand about getting kinky stuff
    5. Pick something that she will look ravishing in – Silky, lacy, or a color you really like on her.
    6. When you go through her wardrobe see what she already has and get something along those lines if you are in a new relationship or newlywed. Go for something different if you wish to spice up the relationship.

      Buying Lingerie for Women: Quick Guide For Men

    7. Women love shopping and if you can take a close girlfriend along. If you have no one to take along then ask the shop assistants to help you out.
    8. When you go shopping for the lingerie yourself, share your view with the assistant so that she can help you select something both you and your partner will like.
    9. For added impact to the gift, pack it in a special way rather than just hand her the bag. Have the present wrapped and add don’t forget to add a nice card with it as well. If you have the time plan out a treasure hunt that leads to the location of the gift. This will make her excited and make her feel appreciated.

    I am sure these tips will help you buy the right lingerie for your partner, something that will definitely send the message of how much you care for her and how beautiful you think she is, and your little surprise will surely become a sweet gesture of affection.