Hrithik is wearing a ‘Braille Watch’ in the movie Kaabil, director hits back at trolls

Hrithik Roshan sporting a watch in Kaabil (despite being blind) is not a blunder says director Sanjay Gupta.

Filmmakers spend a lot of time researching the topics on which they make films. They also ensure that every scene looks perfect, not just the camera angles, but also the costumes and props that the characters are wearing on screen.

Despite their best efforts, few minor mistakes (blunders) do creep in (say overlooked).

So when a frame from Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film Kaabil showed Hrithik wearing a watch (he plays a visually impaired man), netizens ganged up against the filmmaker Sanja Gupta for making such a big blunder.

kaabil watch controversy


Irritated with the trolls, Sanjay Gupta hit back saying that the watch is a ‘Braille Watch’ and was included in the narrative for a good reason.

“It’s appalling how educated people have little knowledge about those with disabilities. I suppose people aren’t aware that there are Braille watches available in the market. Indian companies are manufacturing these special devices. Some of them even tell the time if you merely press a button.

It’s ludicrous that people are questioning the fact that I set out to make a film and made such a big blunder. How can they even expect me to make such a glaring error? They think I didn’t research enough before making Hrithik wear that time piece,” said Sanjay Gupta.

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So was it a genuine mistake or is it really a part of the narrative?

Well, with advancements in video editing techniques, its easy to correct such scenes (getting rid of the watch, etc.) So if the scene is retained in the film when it releases (now that they know about it), you can assume it to be a part of the narrative.