Bollywoods Top 10 Belly Dances

Bollywoods Top 10 Belly Dances

Having originated in the Middle East, Belly dancing is now quite popular in various parts of the world including India. Belly dancing has been shown in Bollywood films when Helen was the dancing diva and still continues to be a part of Bollywood songs and dance sequences, and viewers definitely seem to be enjoying it to the fullest.

And its not just Helen who has attempted this style of dancing, several other divas have not only attempted it, but also managed to do a good job! Unfortunately, we have not been able to find one by our dancing queen Madhuri Dixit as most of her dances fall in the ‘Bollywood-style’ and not really the Arabic style.

In recent times, its been Katrina Kaif who’s had got the opportunity to do some amazing numbers and show of her middle-eastern dancing skills. She has also worked quite hard at it, as she really wanted to be the first Bollywood actress who could do the belly dancing moves correctly. Most choreographers feel that Katrina is very patient, hard-working, graceful and also has the perfect body required for this form of dancing.

Belly dance is actually a western-coined name for “solo, improvised dances (based on torso articulation). Because of its origins, its also referred to as Oriental dance, Egyptian dance, Arabic dance or Middle Eastern dance, in most English speaking countries. Depending on the country and region, it can take different forms, both in costume and dance style.


Here are the top 10 Bollywood songs where actresses have flaunted their belly for Arabic style dancing.

Mehbooba: Sholay

Any mention of dance in Bollywood would be incomplete without mentioning the name of Helen. She’s the dancing queen of Bollywood and she’s showing why she’s called so, here in Mehbooba O Mehbooba from Sholay. She gracefully combines belly dancing with cabaret. And the itself is as iconic as the dancer.

Meri Jaan Main Ne Kaha: The Train

She’s again in her elements in O Meri Jaan Main Ne Kaha from the movie “The Train”. Watch the quintessential dancing diva in her individualistic style, and why its so difficult for anyone to be like her.

Raqqasa Mera Naam: The Great Gambler

When its Zeenat Aman, nobody cares about the dance moves as long as she’s flaunting her hot body. Not a very popular song, but “Raqqasa Mera Naam” did have a few belly dancing moves.

Mayya: Guru

An amazing song and a good effort by Mallika Sherawat in Mayya from the film Guru. Though its more about flaunting the belly than any real belly dancing moves.

Sheila Ki Jawani: Tees Maar Khan

Katrina Kaif has improved a lot in the dancing area and that is on full display here. “Sheila Ki Jawani” went on to become a chartbuster and Kats became a sensation with her super dancing.

Mashallah: Ek tha Tiger

I guess Shiela Ki Jawani only made Kats more confident and here she’s proving once again that she can dance really well. Her moves in the song Mashallah left the visitors asking for more!

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Chori Chori Dekho Mujhke: EMI

One of the best dancers in Bollywood, I’m sure you’d love to see more of her. The Chaiyya Chaiyya girl proves that she can dance anywhere, from train tops to the dance floor. In this song from the film EMI, Malaika gracefully blends belly dancing with few other Bollywood moves.

Saiya Hawa Ke Pairo Pe: Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost

Subtly blending Indian dance moves with a few belly dancing steps, Lara Dutta does this nicely. As far as there’s a flat belly and some dancing, it’s belly dancing for most!

Marjaani: Billu Barber

Bebo attempted belly dancing in this song Marjaani from Billu Barber, and must be given full credit for her attempt!


Rani Mukerji is an excellent dancer and probably has surprised many with her latest belly dancing number in Aiyya. Apparently, she learnt belly dancing in just two months from choreographer and good friend Vaibhavi Merchant. And it really looks impressive!

More and more people are learning this form of dancing, not just in India but around the world, though it may not be very popular at various social gatherings within the Indian community (where Bollywood style dancing is still a rage).

Like several other dance forms, even this one offers several health benefits (improve muscle tone, balance, flexibility, coordination, weight loss, stress relief). But most women enjoy bellydancing as it allows them to express their femininity and rediscover their body’s natural movement while having fun, and it makes them look more beautiful as well.

Do you guys think our Bollywood divas can match Shakira when it comes to this Arabic dance form? Check it out for yourself – after all ‘hips don’t lie’

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