Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai All Set to Woo Tourists

The fact that UAE loves Bollywood can be gauged from the number of Indian film promotions that take place in the country, and in recent times, the number of films that have been filmed there. In fact, the cultural impact and appeal of Bollywood is much greater, with a fan base that spans continents and over three billion people.

Now Dubai is soon going to have a Bollywood theme park that will include movie themed zones and several rides, something that will recreate the glamour of Bollywood for tourists, and even the residents.

Now tourists can experience the world’s first Bollywood-themed amusement park where you can enjoy exciting 3-D and 4-D rides and stunts from popular Bollywood movies (experience behind-the-scenes action from movies such as ‘Krrish’ and ‘RA.One’.)

The movie themed areas will be developed in collaboration with Mumbai’s major film studios – Bollywood Film Studios, Mumbai Chowk, Hall Of Heroes, Regal Plaza and Rustic Ravine.

Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai


Bollywood Parks Dubai will be located in Jebel Ali and is expected to be operational by the end of this year.

Besides the Bollywood themes & rides, visitors can expect dance performances, character interactions and street theatre in this theme park. The various retail outlets and restaurants in Bollywood Parks Dubai will also be Bollywood-style.

Phase 1 of the project includes the launch of Bollywood Parks Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai and motiongate Dubai. Located in Jebel Ali (located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Phase 1 of the mega project is expected to be completed in 2016.

Dubai to Get Middle East’s First Legoland Park

Dubai to Get Middle East's First Legoland Park The property market in Dubai seems to be back in the expansion mode (after slagging for several years) and several new projects are being announced. Even the Legoland theme park that is supposed to come up in Dubai is on track to be completed by 2016, said its operator, Merlin Entertainments.

Meraas Holding, a property development company controlled by Dubai’s ruler outlined plans for the first phase of an entertainment and resort complex in the city that will also house Middle East’s first Legoland theme park.

Dubai already offers several theme parks to tourists and its residents, and now Dubai is also going to get Middle East’s first Legoland park, and it seems its going to be ready much before the 2020 World Expo.

As per reports, Meraas Holding, backed by Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will spend an estimated $2.7 billion on the Dubai Parks and Resorts Project.

This one is the Legoland park in Malaysia…

So what’s the overall plan? Why’s Dubai building so many theme parks?

Tourism plays an important role for Dubai economy; Dubai aims to host up to 20 million visitors annually by 2020 (year of the World Expo), which is twice the number of visitors Dubai had in 2012. The new attractions are part of a larger plan to increase family tourism to the city of Dubai.

Once the first phase of this project is completed in 2016, Dubai will have a good number of exciting theme parks to offer to tourists, including the Legoland park.

“The project will feature leading intellectual properties from elite industry players to create leisure and entertainment concepts that are expected to draw more than five million residents and tourists annually,” Meraas Holding chairman Abdulla Al Habbai told The National.

Wonderland: A Complete Family Theme Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you’re in Dubai and looking for some fun time with your family, head off to the Wonderland Amusement Park; its located in the heart of Doaba region Jalandhar, which lies in the Dubai neighborhood. With several thrilling rides & water games, its a great place to have fun with your family, a perfect one day outing.

Wonderland: A Complete Family Theme Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A fight Scene from the movie ‘Jai Ho’, featuring Salman Khan, was filmed here.


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