Bollywood Starlet Named in Swiss Black Money List

Bollywood movie trailersIf you follow Indian politics, you would know that the Indian Government is trying to get the names of those Indians who have black money stashed in Swiss Accounts.

For recovering that black money, a ‘Special Investigation Team’ was appointed by the Supreme Court. The team went through the names of several hundred people in that list and found that most of the cases were ‘actionable’.

While everybody expected the names of business Moghuls & big Industrialists, such as the Ambanis, everybody least expected the ‘Pardes’ girl Mahima Choudhary’s name to be in that list.

The Bollywood Starlet (who has even worked with SRK) has been named in the list of people, having black money in Swiss Bank. Apparently, Mahima’s real name is Ritu Choudhary, and the account lists her profession as a ‘model and an actress’.

Well, is that the reason she has decided to take a break from films? Because despite getting a good break in the industry, Mahima was not able to capitalize well on it.

And for some time, it seemed she was not taking her Bollywood career seriously, as you hardly got to see her in any Bollywood film.

However, this explains it all. When you have tons of money in your Swiss Account, who can afford to slow down a bit!

Obviously, Mahima​ denies having any account in the Swiss Bank.

Now that the investigating agencies are after her account, Mahima Choudhary could soon be seen doing the rounds of production houses to land some roles.

Meanwhile, Mahima’s-Swiss jokes are currently doing the rounds of the social world.