Bollywood Star Lives in 750 Sq Ft House Bought for 1.1 Lakh Rupees (2K Dollars)

Nana Patekar is known as one of the finest actors in the Indian film industry, and has acted in several Bollywood films over the span of several decades. Over the years, not only has the actor stayed away from controversies and away from the media, he has also not raise his lifestyle, despite being among the in-demand actors in the film industry.

When asked about his financial situation, Nana Patekar confessed that he never led a lavish lifestyle.

A proof of it is his humble abode of 750 sq. ft. which he claims to have purchased for only rs. 1.1 lakh and where he still resides even today, despite achieving stardom.

Recently, Nana Patekar was in the news for his role as mediator between the farmers and the government to ensure that the funds were reaching the right people (farmers). The country is aware of the pitiable state of affairs of the farmer’s situation in Maharashtra especially, where there have been many farmer suicides reported due to drought. As the government goes on to express their helplessness in the situation, we are happy to see at-least one actor stand up to the cause. Nana Patekar has offered financial assistance to the widows of farmers and their families.

Does this mean Nana Patekar is heading towards politics? Apparently not. And here’s why!

Nana Patekar confessed that he was offered a seat in BJP, but he states that actors (like those in sports) are national property and shouldn’t be identified as any single party member. Now that’s really a great thought!

Besides, Nana is none for his candor and we highly doubt any political party can stomach his frank opinions.

Nevertheless, Nana Patekar does deserve a big round of applause for taking up the farmers cause in Maharashtra.