This is why Bollywood movie Ittefaq’s UAE release was delayed by a day

Bollywood movies release in the UAE a day before its released in India, primarily because Friday is a holiday there, and because there’s such a huge craze for Indian movies in the UAE.

Most Bollywood (and other Indian) movies are released in UAE on Thursdays, a day prior than the worldwide release. Its because most Muslim nations have their weekly holidays on Fridays instead of Sundays. So, people there go out on Fridays and to capitalize on that, Bollywood movies are released one day earlier in the UAE than the scheduled release in India.

However, for the suspense-thriller Ittefaq, the makers decided to postpone the movie’s release by a day.

And can you guess the reason for it?

Yes, that’s right! They don’t want people to reveal the ending of the movie. After all, there’ more money to be made in the India market, than in the UAE.


Bollywood murder mystery ‘Ittefaq’ has managed to create the right buzz around itself. So, the film-makers want to avoid spoilers from the thriller to be leaked on social media. Producer Karan Johar had said that it is difficult to control the spoilers from being shared over the internet and WhatsApp.

In fact, Bollywood celebs have been running a campaign, rightly named ‘Say no to spoilers’, this week. Several Bollywood actors lent their support to the #SayNoToSpoilers campaign by posting videos on Instagram.

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