Bollywood is the Buzzword in Hollywood, Most Foreign Stars Keen to Work in India

Bollywood’s reach is spreading across the globe, no wonder it has become a buzzword in Hollywood, with most Hollywood stars now willing to be part of a a Hindi Film. Checkout these Hollywood actors who’ve worked (or will be working) in Bollywood.

Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu to Feature Opposite Salman Khan in Tubelight

Chinese pop star Zhu Zhu will be paired opposite Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in his upcoming film Tubelight (directed by Kabir Khan).

When the movie was announced, there was lot of speculation as to who would play the heroine in the movie. Several names cropped up, including that of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. But the role finally went to Chinese actress Zhu Zhu.


In the past, Zhu Zhu has done films with Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks and Russell Crowe.

Set during the 1962 war between China and India (at the Sino-Indian border), the film has been shot in Leh Ladakh.

Bollywood is the Buzzword in Hollywood, Most Foreign Stars Keen to Work in India

Today, in terms of popularity, the hindi film industry is just as popular as Hollywood in most parts of the world (especially the emerging markets where investors are more than happy to pump in their money). With film budgets increasing, more professional working environment, the presence of several foreign technicians, Bollywood today has several admirers from Hollywood.

Not only stars like Coldplay and Beyonce are keen on working in India, Beyonce’s renowned French choreographer duo – the Les Twins were in Mumbai to choreograph a special ballad for Moses Singh’s Bollywood film ‘Zubaan’ (the song will feature actors Vicky Kaushal and Sarah Jane Dias). And guess what? They did not charge a single penny for their work. Well, that’s alright, because once you’re on the radar of the top filmmakers in Bollywood, the money will flow in eventually. The choreographer’s were reluctant initially to take up the offer because of the language barrier but eventually agreed to choreograph the song and also to feature in it.

Bollywood a hit in Hollywood

Some time back, celebrity supermodel, Cindy Crawford was in Mumbai to celebrate her 20-year association with the watch brand, ‘Omega’ and she talked about how Bollywood has turned into a global ‘phenomenon’. The supermodel even seemed to be open to an idea of acting in a bollywood movie if the opportunity arose.

Teen sensation, Kristen Stewart had a created quite a buzz when she gushed over Hrithik Roshan. Kristen’s liking for hindi films is not a secret and the actor has often raved about Bollywood and has repeatedly expressed her desire to work in a hindi movie with a good script.

Jackie Chan’s connection with Bollywood is quite well known. He has worked with Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat in the past for a foreign film but the actor has always been vocal about his interest in Bollywood. In fact he has also offered a special discount for hindi cinema if offered a good role. Hope the producers took note of that!

Hollywood Heart throb Brad Pitt also seems to have taken by the color and drama of desi movies and had expressed his desire to work with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a hindi movie if he gets a chance. Aishwarya Rai had been offered a role in Troy alongside Brad Pitt but she refused the offer.

The Basic Instinct star, Sharon Stone was in India recently and seems to love India and Bollywood. She has infact also watched many hindi movies and hopes she gets to be in one.

Bollywood a hit in Hollywood

The list however does not end here. Actors Julia Roberts, Daniel Radcliff, Jean-Claude Van Damme too, have on occasion, talked about how much they would love to be a part of a good desi flick. With many of our actors getting roles in Hollywood movies now, perhaps, we may also get to see some Hollywood celebrities sing and dance to Bollywood tunes!

Bond Girl Debuts in Bollywood

After working with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, this bond girl made her debut in Bollywood. She kissed Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, and now Caterina Murino was seen kissing Rajeev Khandelwal in the Bollywood thriller film ‘Fever’.

So did the intimate scenes with Rajeev made her uncomfortable?

“Not at all, I have done lots of kissing scenes in Casino Royale too so I’m used to it now,” says the Bond girl.

Several scenes of the film were shot in Switzerland and now Caterina will be in India to promote the film.

Watch: Song from FEVER featuring Rajeev Khandelwal, Caterina M

The actress is keen to do a typical, full-fledged Bollywood film, wear sarees and dance.

And she doesn’t mind learning Hindi (she didn’t do much talking in Fever). The bond girl can speak English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Moroccan Model Nora Fatehi Makes Inroads in Bollywood

Yet another foreign import in Bollywood, and this one seems to be on a roll (might as well say roar). Moroccan model, Nora Fatehi who made her debut in Bollywood with the movie ‘Roar – Tigers Of The Suburbans’ has got several offers, including item songs, and seem set for a long innings in India.

Nora Fatehi is an International model, who has featured in several several promotional materials for many international brands. She’s a Moroccan but has been living in Canada for the past many years.

Not sure who she is? Checkout this video.

So while some Indians definitely love Moroccan cuisine (its hot & spicy), they will now also get a taste of Moroccan beauty. Nora Fatehi seem to be making all the right moves and looks all set to roar in Bollywood.

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