Bollywood-Inspired Workout: Fun & Effective

Bollywood-style routines are a craze around the world, and fitness studios want to ride that wave. As a result, Bollywood-inspired workouts are gaining in popularity. These sequences are done on music inspired by Bollywood, so you basically have some creative choreography on heart-pumping beats.

Checkout this video by BollyX, where they blend Bollywood dancing along with an amazing workout.

Watch: BollyX, the Bollywood Workout. These calorie-burning, total body workouts are done on authentic Indian beats. It looks so much fun.

And if you saw the video carefully, you would notice that the instructor used a few yoga poses as well. Indeed a great way to stay in shape. And the steps are not that difficult.

Watch: Here’s another video, this time its Workout blended with Bhangra beats.

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Any Safety Precautions?
Most of these exercises are basically high to low-intensity dance sequences, plus some muscle isolation routines, that can help tone your body and also burn serious calories.

While it is fun, just make sure that you exercise at the intensity level that you’re comfortable with; lower your intensity if necessary. Feel free to take a break to recover (by marching) when necessary. Avoid stopping abruptly, in case you’re tired.

So learn a few steps from these videos so that the next time you see the ‘Jai Ho’ song from Slumdog Millionaire, you can shake your hips and artfully moving your hands and arms.