Bollywood in Taiwan, One of Asia’s Must See Destinations

Bollywood movies filmed in Taiwan, the various film shooting locations for movies shot in Taiwan. Also read about what attracts filmmakers & tourists to this place.

Movies Filmed in Taiwan

Several Hollywood movies have been filmed in Taiwan, and few Bollywood films are going to be shot in this country.

Although ‘Life of Pi’ is a Hollywood movie, it has several Indian actors and was shot extensively in India. While most think that the movie was entirely shot in India, the fact is that a considerable part of the movie was also shot in Taiwan.

taipei zoo
Pi’s family zoo at Pondicherry (India) is actually the Taipei Zoo

kenting white banyan tree park taiwan
The floating island is similar to the Kenting White Banyan Tree Park in Taiwan


Tax Incentives & Subsidies

Almost all the countries know that filming a Bollywood movie in a certain country increases interest and travelers from India towards that country. That’s the reason most of them are willing to provide tax incentives and subsidies to foreign productions.

As per the newly revised regulations, foreign producers are now eligible for subsidies amounting to 25 percent of their production expenses and 15 percent of their transport, accommodation and insurance expenses in Taiwan.

That could definitely get a few filmmakers excited! There are rumours that a few Indian filmmakers are planning to shoot their films in Taiwan – Taipei.

For Indians, Tollywood means the Telugu (regional language) film industry, but abroad there are many who informally cal the evolving cinema world of Taiwan as “Tollywood.

This is because after Ang Lee filmed his Oscar-winner “Life of Pi” here in Taiwan, many more Hollywood films are being shot (partly) in Taipei and other scenic spots around the island nation.

Its heard that even Martin Scorsese plans to shoot his Japanese movie “Silence” in Taiwan, after watching what Taiwanese-American director Ang Lee was able to accomplish there with “Life of Pi.”

Bollywood Films Hit Mainstream Theatres in Taipei

In the last few years, select Indian Bollywood films have been released in mainstream theatres in Taipei (capital of Taiwan), out of which a few did really well. For instance (and you may say as expected), Indian blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’ became one of the longest running foreign films in Taiwan.

Filmmakers & movie producers from Taiwan & India have also begun exploring shooting locations (in both the countries) and are experimenting with themes which can connect the Indian mysticism with Taiwanese pragmatism.

Taiwan Tourism

Taiwan (formerly known as “Formosa”) is a state in East Asia and is governed by The Republic of China. The variety of sightseeing options that this location has to offer, makes it one of the must-see destinations in Asia.

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