Bollywood in Kenya, home to deserts, colourful tribal culture, & exciting wildlife attractions

The number of tourists from India to Kenya has grown in recent years, and Kenya knows very well the importance of wooing Bollywood if it wants to further increase this number. Famous for its wildlife tourism, Kenyan tourism board is busy spreading awareness about their country among Indians, and are also wooing filmmakers to shoot in Kenya.

The Kenya Tourism Board will focus more on the Indian market and has increased its budget for the Indian market in order to attract more tourists from India (by backing new segments like Bollywood-based tourism).

Most of the Bollywood films get shot in South Africa, which is our competitor in this segment. We have been in talks with several Hindi film producers, including like Yashraj Studios, and are even willing to give cash rebates and duty waivers (up to 30 per cent) for Bollywood producers who will shoot their films in Kenya.

Tourism is the largest foreign exchange earner for Kenya, and they want to get more from Bollywood (currently most Bollywood films are shot in South Africa).

Kenya Eyes Film Tourism From India

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) recently participated at the India International Film Tourism Conclave (IIFTC) with the objective of projecting Kenya as an ideal filming destination to Indian filmmakers (sponsored by Kenya Airways and the Kenya Film Commission). The Kenyan delegation highlighted the benefits of filming in Kenya, and showed that Kenya has ideal locations, equipment, technical support and the infrastructure required for successful filming.

bollywood movie shortcut romeo shot in kenya India is an attractive market for Kenya for sourcing tourists and the Kenyan government is keen to get more Indian tourists to Kenya.


Kenya offers wonderful filming locations and the required supporting infrastructure. Over 80 international films including; Out of Africa (1985) Born Free, The Colour Purple (second unit), The Constant Gardner (2005), Nowhere in Africa, I Dreamed of Africa (second unit), and Walk with Lions, amongst others, have been filmed in Kenya.

Bollywood Movies Shot in Kenya

Here’s more on Bollywood movies shot in Kenya and what is it about Kenya that attracts filmmakers & tourists.

Bollywood movies shot in Kenya, include ‘Shortcut Romeo’, which was shot in Masai Mara and a few neighboring places.

Here’s some interesting things about the Kenyan culture that Neil Nitin Mukesh (lead actor of Shortcut Romeo) learnt.

  • A Maasai could marry four times (he loved that part)
  • The dowry system there is the reverse of what we have in India – It’s the groom who pays the bride and not the other way round (he didn’t like this part).
  • The dowry is paid in the form of cows. For Maasai’s, owning cows is a status symbol. The more cows you have the richer you are

Shooting Of ‘Shortcut Romeo’ In Masai Mara, Kenya

Many think that ‘Shortcut Romeo’ is the first Bollywood film to be shot in Kenya, however that’s not true!

Way back in 1992, the movie ‘Vishwatma’ (with a multi-star cast) was first shot in Kenya.

A car chase shot in the Masai Mara, kenya, from the film Vishwatma
vishwatma car chase in masai mara, kenya

Kim Sharma, who at one time was linked with cricketer Yuvraj Singh is now married to Kenyan businessman Ali Punjani and living in Africa post her marriage. Buzz is that Kim owns a cricket team in Kenya which includes players such as Chris Cairns and Andrew Symonds.

Kenya Tourism

Tourism is a major foreign exchange revenue earner for Kenya, the main tourist attractions are the photo safaris through the several national parks and game reserves.

Capital: Nairobi
Currency: Kenyan shilling
Official languages: Swahili Language, English Language

What to See?
While Kenya is well known for the Unesco world heritage site of Masai Mara, it is adding new wildlife camps like the recent Porini Cheetah Camp, to enhance the wildlife experience in the country.

Kenya is famous for its various types of safari — camel safari, balloon safari, cycle safari among others. You may also enjoy golf on one of the several scenic golf courses the country has on offer.

Other exciting activities include horse rides in search of elephants, spotting lions in the wild, or taking a massage on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Kenya also has some of the best dive sites/schools, and the Kenyan barrier reef ensures shark-free waters.

Watch: Samburu National Reserve, a filming location for Survivor and the Last Breakthrough. Another popular location is Crescent Island, where parts of the film Out Of Africa was shot.

Is It Safe to Visit?
There have been some media reports of mugging and thefts, which makes many think twice before finalising their trip to Kenya. However, better security measures are in place, the people are helpful and friendly. So long as you take the normal safety precautions, you should be fine.

Kenya Wants More Indian Tourists
Tourism is one of the greatest foreign exchange earners for African nation ‘Kenya’. And among Asians tourists to this country, Indians lead the pack.

Kenya wants to target even more Indian tourists for which the country is now selling its prime destinations such as Mombasa and Lamu not just for recreation, but also as possible wedding, honeymoon & sports destinations. They also plan to invite Bollywood producers to shoot in this country.

Checkout this video of Destination Kenya.