Bollywood in Czech Republic, the Land of Stories

Bollywood movies shot in Czech Republic and Bollywood’s connection with the Czechs…

For years, the Czech Republic was a hot destination for foreign movie production. New studios were built and in the process Czech crews and production companies gained considerable experience. However, in recent years, the Czech Republic started facing stiff competition from neighboring countries such as Hungary, which provide significant tax incentives to foreign productions.

To stay in the game, to be more competitive and to give a big boost to the Czech film industry, the Czech government approved a 20% tax rebate for productions shooting in the Czech Republic. And it did bear some good results for them.

The Indian film ‘Rockstar’ (Ranbir Kapoor and Music by AR Rahman) was one of the several movies that took advantage of their support programme, and was shot extensively in Prague and Liberec.

Movies Shot in Czech Republic

Rockstar was definitely one of the biggest Indian production so far, with nearly a third of the total shoot, shot in the Czech Republic. And looking at the results, it seems more and more Indian filmmakers will head to the Czech Republic in the future, and of-course the Indian tourists will follow too.


Couple of movies that were shot here include ‘Duplicate’ & ‘Rockstar’.

‘Rockstar’ (Ranbit Kapoor, music by AR Rahman), in fact, has been shot extensively in this region. Locations that have featured on our movies include: National Museum, Charles Bridge, Karlstejn Castle, Prague Castle, Prague State Opera, & Vrtbovska Garden in Prague. You can also see the Sychrov Castle located in the Liberec Region.

National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic
national museum in prague, czech republic

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic (part of the former Czechoslovakia) may not yet be a popular destination for Indians, compared to other European countries such as the UK, Switzerland & Austria, but the fact is that the Czech Republic is indeed a very popular destination for several foreign film producers. And with ‘Rockstar’ shot extensively in the Czech republic, more Indian producers will likely follow suit.

movie Rockstar shooting czech republic

movie Rockstar shooting czech republic

Watch the Song “Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja (Full Song) from the Movie Rockstar

Advantages of Shooting in Czech Republic

Here’s what filmmakers stand to gain by shooting in this country:

  • Offers incentives / Tax rebate for foreign filmmakers
  • Well developed film infrastructure & an esteemed film history (several Hollywood movies have been shot here in the past)
  • Highly experienced professional film crews
  • The country offers diversity of locations, picturesque countryside and historical landmarks, most of them are just couple of hours drive from Prague
  • Prague’s varied architecture means it can pass off as any other European city such as London or Paris (but at a much reduced cost)
  • Well equipped sets/studios, modern post-production facilities

Czech Republic Tourism

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe that borders Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Its capital city is Prague. Tourism is a significant part of the the Czech economy.

Watch the atmospheric castles on green hilltops, marvel at centuries of architectural majesty in Prague, ski down pristine slopes in the Tatras and relax with a glass of crips, golden beer in historic Plzen.