Sad Reality, Bollywood has Nothing for Veteran Actors Except for Big B

Of late, Bollywood has been experimenting with new subjects, with several directors making off-beat films. However, when it comes to veteran actors, it seems they all have good work only for one person, and that is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

That is one reason why you see very few of veteran actors, who were once considered acting powerhouses.

One of them is Danny Denzongpa!

Danny was choosy even in his younger days, but now he doesn’t take up many films, because anyways there’s isn’t much coming his way nowadays.

Danny doesn’t wish to be typecast as a character actor, “If I do smaller roles, I’ll be typecast as a ‘character’ actor. An appalling thought!”


“Our cinema has nothing substantial to offer actors above 60, unless you’re Amitabh Bachchan.

Danny Denzongpa will be seen in a remake of ‘Kabuliwala’ (the older version had Balraj Sahni).

“It is a modern take on the classic. But the basic story of a homesick Afghan dry-fruit seller’s ties with a little girl in Kolkata remains the same,” said the actor. Earlier Danny had played an Afghan character in Khuda Gawah.

Some times back, veteran actress Hema Malini also had said the same thing – that is a dearth of opportunities for older actresses in Hindi films (unlike in Hollywood). And that is one of the reasons that Hema Malini decided to venture into singing.

Another veteran actor Vinod Khanna (he once was seen a a major threat to Amitabh Bachchan) has also been doing smaller roles in Bollywood films.