Bollywood celebs and their fashionable sunglasses

Long back, glasses were a symbol of old age, and people wore their glasses only when absolutely necessary. But its no longer the case. There has been a sea change in eye-wear as celebrities begin to influence fashion. Celebrities wear designer (stylish and fashionable) eyeglasses to look fashionable, to look different – be it for press appearance, fashion show, or red carpet event.

Eyeglasses today are a much sought after piece of fashion. While many wear eyeglasses as an accessory to their wardrobe, eyeglasses can make you look stylish and make a fashion statement, besides making a bold statement about your personality.

And yes, people do get influenced by the eyeglasses that celebrities wear.

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Bollywood celebs and their Eyewear

Here are a few Bollywood celebs who have made eyewear an integral part of their personality.


Amitabh Bachchan: Amitabh Bachchan is always seen in his trademark dark-hued round eyeglasses.

Shahrukh Khan: SRK has a great sense of eyewear fashion. Shahrukh prefers Tag Heuer eyeglasses, and Aviator.

Kajol: Her favourite ones seems to be the bold rectangular pair that lends an intellectual aura to her exuberance.

Deepika Padukone: Thick rimmed nerdy rectangular, Wayfarer or cat eye frames are her style statement. Dippy is also an Aviator fan (probably got inspired by SRK).

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Why do Celebrities Wear Sunglasses at Night (Airports

Why do fashion-savvy film actors come out of airports, wearing sunglasses, even in the middle of the night, when its pitch dark outside?

While we might think its funny, they do have a reason, as revealed by a top actress who returned back home after her holidays.

“I hadn’t slept too well on the flight and knew there would be photographers at the airport. Since I didn’t want them to capture my puffy eyes, I got off the flight wearing my shades,” revealed the actress.

So now that’s a valid reason – to hide red/puffy eyes. After all, they are in the show business and cannot afford to look a ‘Plain Jane’

Sunglasses also helps them to avoid direct eye-contact with other travellers and fans at airports.

Eyeglass Styles and What it Conveys

Here’s a list of eyeglass styles and the images they convey. You may find this useful for yours or your clients’ next new business pitch or public appearance.

  • Thick, dark frames: Intelligent, bookish
  • Round, small frames: Retro
  • Round, oversized frames: Glamorous
  • Wire rims: Creative, intense
  • Rimless frames: Stylish, accessible
  • Colored lenses: Cool
  • Bright frames: Flashy, playful
  • Sunglasses (also worn inside): Mysterious