When Bollywood celebs go for Make-up detox

Film celebrities go for make-up detox once in a while, its a good break for your skin. Here are more reasons to opt for make-up detox.

Most women don’t even realize when their skin starts to show the effects of excessive makeup – nails turning yellowish, gradual decrease in your lash. So, to makeup for those damages, going without makeup for some time, even if only to assess the damage done, is important.

Bu then makeup offers several benefits to women – evening out the skin tone, looking good, boosting confidence, etc.

So how should one strike a balance between the two to get the best of both worlds?

“Skin is the largest organ of our body . So it needs our utmost care. With the increasing pollution, stress and makeup overload, our skin bears the brunt and starts showing premature signs of ageing. Skin has a lot of layers. The superficial layer can be detoxified from the top. For the deeper layers, you need to give importance to your diet, which will start showing result in around a month’s time, since that’s the amount of time needed for the deeper layers to come to the top,” Dr Swati Srivastava, dermatocosmetologist,

With all the contouring, strobing and dusting, the first thing that hap pens is our skin pores get clogged.This stops the skin from breathing.Interestingly, around ’60s, it was actually believed that a person could die from surface suffocation ­ for example, if the entire body was covered in paint. Even though it has been proved that the

While skin suffocation may not turn fatal, even our skin needs to breath (like the rest of the body), in order to rejuvenate itself. However, for best results, besides ditching the makeup box, you also need to follow a strict skin-care regime.

“Going makeup free helps promote skin cell turnover, which results in faster formation of new cells.Allowing healthy skin cells to regenerate results in a youthful, glowing complexion and reduces the risk of fine lines. However, even while going makeup free, one must not forget the basics ­ such as the sunscreen,” says Dr Abhishek Pilani.

The Skin Detox Routine

If you are ready to take the plunge, take a break from all kinds of beauty products, be it colour cosmetics, makeup brushes, eye makeups, moisturisers, essential oils or even face wash. Stick to plain, cold water for a couple of days and see the difference.

Not only will this process save you money, you will also know what skin product works best on your skin.

“Jojoba, avocado and castor oils, when mixed together, forms an excellent solution for cleansing your face. Jojoba oil is good as a makeup remover while avocado oil helps to tone up your skin.Oil cleansing method helps your skin regain the required moisture and shine,” Ms Natasha Tuli, skin care expert

“Use fragrance-free products. A lot of chemicals go into making appealing fragrances. Use mild cleansers which don’t produce foam. Foam is because of detergents and they are bad for skin. Use a scrub once a week which contains micro vegetal enzymes. Choose a moisturiser which has hyaluronic acid in it.It will keep your skin supple and restore your moisture balance which is very essential. Stay away from sun and chlorinated water of swimming pools. Photo damage is the worst for ageing. And don’t forget your diet and antioxidants,” Dr Srivastava who judges a product is by its fragrance.

Here’s a typical diet you cna follow for your Skin Detox Routine:

  • Start the day with warm water, honey and cinnamon to eliminate the toxins from the body.
  • Eat a complex carbs (oatmeal, quinoa) for breakfast instead of a protein diet. You can add to that good fat (almonds, flax seeds) which are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.
  • A mid-morning drink can be a vegetable-fruit juice (kale+ dudhi+ carrot+beet+pear) which is excellent for purification.
  • For lunch, avoid combining protein and carb. A fruit in the evening and a protein rich diet for dinner should form your basic detox diet.
  • Drink water with freshly squeezed lemon juice or infused with citrus fruits (strawberry , kiwi).

Follow the 5:2 Makeup Detox Routine

Heard of the 5:2 diet? You eat normally for five days a week, and then restrict your calorie intake for two days.

Similarly, you can follow the 5:2 makeup detox too. So absolutely ‘no makeup’ for two days in a week. It is a practical way to ease into a makeup detox routine.

If you are the heavy foundation, full makeup kind of women, this method should do a world of good to your skin and overall health.