Bollywood celebrities robbed, mugged & beaten up when abroad

Even celebrities can get mugged or robbed when abroad. Although such events don’t happen while shooting (and definitely not with the big stars), they definitely do happen when our stars are on vacation or just trying to explore the place on their own.

Mallika Sherawat Beaten Up & Robbed

An evening in Paris turns horrific for Mallika Sherawat, beaten up and tear gassed by robbers.

After Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris, the same happened to Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat in Paris.

The actress was in her apartment with a companion when three masked intruders broke into her house. The robbers tear gassed them and punched Mallika Sherawat and her companion several times.

Once the robbers fled, a shaken Mallika Sherawat called the emergency services. The police are investigating this horrific crime, although they seemed surprised that the robbers fled without taking anything.


Bollywood celebrities robbed, mugged & beaten up when abroad

Lets take a look at other Indian film celebrities who were robbed abroad.

Shriya Saran Robbed on Train

Some time back Shriya Saran (she’s worked with several big stars in the South, including Rajni sir) was in Europe shooting for a South Indian film. On her day off, she went to Barcelona for shopping, along with unit friends. On their way back to the hotel, they took the train and mid-way, Shriya and her colleagues realized that they had been robbed on the train itself. The actress lost a couple of bags & shoes, and swears to be careful next time.

Sushmita Sen Robbed in Broad Daylight

I guess the most traumatic experience was for Sushmita Sen was robbed in broad daylight at the Athens airport, when on an exotic Greek holiday. She was returning from her vacation at the beautiful island of Santorini. She was left with nothing on her person except the jeans and t-shirt she wore. ‘Sush’ was waiting outside an eatery, her hand on her trolley, when she turned to speak to the man sitting behind her. It was at this point, she was robbed. Believe it or not, all it took was eight to ten seconds flat. She lost her mobile phone, iPad, credit cards, passport, and her 10-year visa to the US and the UK.

She somehow managed to call up her friend in India who (through her friend in Athens) arranged a good lawyer, who rushed to the airport. It was only after the police complaint was registered that Sushmita was given her passport, that too on paper, so she could travel back to India. The former Miss Universe said that The Indian Consulate was quite helpful.

An official from Sushmita’s office said, “Such robberies have become commonplace at the Athens airport. It is said there is a mafia syndicate in operation there, which masterminds these thefts. What is ridiculous about the Athens airport is its layout. The eateries are located before you check into security. It’s almost like a mall before security check begins. Which means anybody and everybody can enter the area and mingle with the passengers.”

The actress said, “It was a traumatic experience. I felt so violated. If it can happen to a public person like me, it can happen to anybody. I would like to inform everybody going to Europe and thinking of visiting Greece, to be very, very careful. As for me, I would like to say I will stay away from Greece for the longest time, perhaps forever. My Greek lawyer told me there is only one CCTV camera at Athens airport. Imagine the kind of security they have.”

Rakul Preet Singh Mugged in Bangkok

Rakul Preet Singh (Debuted in Yaariyan, a lesser known star in Bollywood but quite popular in South India) was on vacation with her friends in Bangkok, where she was mugged by two rogue bikers at a traffic signal. The actor was enjoying a carefree tuk-tuk ride with her companions when the incident happened. The actor lost Rs 60,000 in cash and an expensive bag from a high-end label, all of her debit and credit cards and two mobile phones. Although she quickly lodged a police complaint, the Bangkok police was unable to locate Rakul’s expensive items.

So even stars need to be careful when travelling abroad, especially when they’re exploring the various sight-seeing places on their own.