Esha Gupta accuses man of ‘raping with eyes’, social media says its publicity stunt for her upcoming movie

Bollywood actress Esha Gupta has sparked a controversy by tweeting that a Delhi-based hotelier ‘raped her with his eyes’. She tweeted about the uncomfortable incident on her social media accounts, but many felt it was an attempt to gain publicity at the expense of someone else, as her movie us due for release.

Her posts unleashed a flood of reaction on social media. “Do you even know what rape is Esha Gupta? Shame on you for trivializing such a serious crime,” wrote one user.

Many felt it was a cynical ploy to promote her newly-released movie ‘One Day: Justice Delivered.’

“Thats other way of saying..please watch my upcoming movie. I can barely act, I have no talent, media does not cover me but..please watch my upcoming movie ! Whenever films of such third raters are up for release, every man should go into hiding..she might use you for publicity!” wrote another disgruntled Twitter user.