BJP vs Mersel: Political party acts as parallel censor board

BJP gives Mersel unexpected publicity; however, its important that political parties do not act as a parallel censor board and avoid harassing filmmakers.

Vijay starrer Tamil movie Mersal received a big publicity boost (unexpected) this Diwali, thanks to the BJP netas who are upset that the film makes “incorrect references” to GST, Digital India, the state of healthcare in India and Singapore.

There’s huge political pressure on the filmmakers (and the studio) to delete the ‘offending’ scenes.

The excuse provided is that it hurts sensibilities!

Mersal – Official Tamil Teaser

Indian filmmakers anyways feel that the government is unable to protect their films from violence by non-state actors. For example, Padmavati set was vandalised, theatres screening PK were vandalised.

So the least the filmmakers would expect is that they would not be harassed by government.

So when Union minister of state for finance and shipping Pon Radhakrishnan demands that Mersal’s producer remove “the untruths regarding GST” from the film, it sends a wrong signal from the government.

Mersal has been certified by CBFC and nobody (including ministers) can act as a parallel censor board and demand changes.

Such actions endangers the industry that provides entertainment, employs millions, and has made India in the world, besides giving it considerable soft power.