Bigg Boss 11: Its Zubair Khan vs Salman Khan right now

This seems to be a typical pattern in Bigg Boss, the first few evictions create a lot of controversy, probably to get more people hooked on to the show. In Bigg Boss 11, its Zubair Khan who is making all the noise right now.

After his eviction from the Bigg Boss 11, Zubair filed a police complaint against Salman for insulting him on national television by calling him a dog, and has also accused the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star of having connections with the underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

Salman, not the one to easily bow down, chose to apologize to the dogs instead, further angering Zubair.

“All I want to say that I am thankful to Allah that because of me Salman apologized to his brothers, the dogs. That’s my only reply to his infamous comment on the show. He is not God that he treats people like dirt,” said Zubair about Salman’s antics.

“They (Bigg Boss, Colors and Endemol) announced that I have a connection with Dawood Ibrahim and Haseena Parker when I never spoke about it. Now that my lawyers are demanding the declaration forms they are saying that they’ve misplaced it. Clearly proves that it was their plan to malign me and use me for ratings,” said the Lakeer Ka Fakeer producer-director Zubair.

Zubair says Salman humiliated him on purpose, on the behest of the underworld. Zubair plans to avenge all that Salman did to me. He plans to file PIL against all the cases involving Salman, where Zubair thinks Salman got away with the help of his money and D-company association.

‘Hum tumpe itna PILs file karenge, ke tum confuse ho jaoge ke shoot pe jayein ya court mein (I will file so many PILs against you that you will be torn between going to your shoots and court). I will bring him down and get him arrested. He should never underestimate the power of a common man,” says Zubair to Salman in his own style.

Zubair was reported to be Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law, which he has denied. Though the filmmaker agrees that his estranged in-laws indeed are connected to the underworld and thus are making things difficult for him. Zubair has been separated from his wife and children for more than 10 months and his in-laws allegedly have been trying their best to keep him away from them.

Bigg Boss Contestants Who Dared to Rub Salman Khan the Wrong Way

What makes TV’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss, unique & interesting is that its one place where contestants come from all walks of life and try to coexist together. And when that happens, there are bound to be clashes, especially in India where people can come from varied backgrounds. Add to the mix, a few firangis’ and it makes for a really interesting mix.

What’s more, some of them don’t just get well along with other contestants, they don’t even get along too well with the show’s host, Bollywood super star Salman Khan. And Salman, with his short temper, adds even more spice to their duel.

Here we take a look at contestants (some were celebs in their own right) who had ego as well as verbal clashes with the host, and never gelled well with Salman Some even managed to upset Salman, and at times it was the other way around as well.

Karishma Tanna: Going by the looks of the few episodes of Bigg Boss 8, all doesn’t seem to be well between Salman Khan and Karishma Tanna. Salman seemed to reprimand her for taking advantage of Gautam Gulati’s situation when he profusely apologised to her for abusing her on the show. In spite of all his efforts, Karishma seemed relentless and this seemed to irk Salman who spoke with Karishma alone in the Bigg Boss room. He seemed to be upset with the TV/Bollywood actress who refused to forgive Gautam even after he tried touching her feet in a way to apologise to her. Seems like Karishma has a long road ahead and a lot to learn if she wants to survive in the Bigg Boss house.

Kushal Tandon: In Bigg Boss 7, the person who tested Salman’s patience the most seemed was model-turned-actor Kushal Tandon. When Kushal hurled some abuses at Kajol’s younger sister and fellow housemate Tanishaa, Salman did not take it lying down. His dislike for Kushal seemed all too obvious. After Kushal made his dramatic exit from the show mid-way, Salman was all the more irked when he returned. He even took Kushal’s case saying that if he (Salman Khan) had exited, he would never have returned on the show. But what seemed to add fuel to fire was when Kushal apparently told everyone in the outside world that Salman Khan had apologised to him. Salman made it a point to show his displeasure and since then, Kushal was never on good terms with Salman.

Ajaz Khan: He probably didn’t rub Salman as much as the other contestants, but there were occasions when Salman did get miffed with his behavior. Ajaz did have an aggressive streak in him, but made sure that he didn’t use it against salman.

Imam Siddique: Fashion and image manager Imam Siddiqui seemed to have his favourite ‘irritate Salman Khan’ moments on Bigg Boss 6. Imam rubbed Salman the wrong way and the duo had their fair share of arguments on national television, with Imam even doing his favorite ‘Time Out’ gesture to Salman, which made Salman seethe with anger and he said ‘Imam, mere saath tameez me rehna’. Sources even revealed that during one of the weekend shoots, Salman was angry with Imam and even told him he would come to the Bigg Boss house and beat him up. Later on, even though Imam apologised profusely, Salman refused to accept the apologies. After some time, Imam too refused to budge from his stance.

Sapna Bhavnani: The celebrity stylist had her share of verbal fights with host Salman Khan on season 6 of Bigg Boss. Sapna had made some unpleasant remarks against Salman and he retorted by saying the Bigg Boss house was not a resort and that people had come to win the game. Sapna replied by saying she had come to promote women’s issues on the show. Salman certainly didn’t seem in the mood to forget what had transpired with Sapna and she in turn, took on one of Bollywood’s most Dabangg Khans. Unfortunately, most of the comments made by Sapna against Salman were edited, so couldn’t reach the audience.

Shakti Kapoor: It was surprising to see Bollywood’s villain in the house, because comparatively, he’s a bigger star compared to other contestants. In Bigg Boss season 5, initially, Shakti Kapoor was the only male contestant amongst all the women…to make it more interesting (considering Shakti’s onscreen image). Shakti Kapoor however felt interested when Salman Khan, in the beginning of the show, made a comment ‘Bigg Boss ko maan na padega! Shakti Kapoor jaise logon ko apne ghar bulaya, hum toh kabhi na bulayen! Shakti replied ‘I would like to tell him that even if he invites me to his house, I may not want to go there! He made those scathing remarks without any provocation, so he has to say sorry!” Knowing Salman, no apology was rendered and Shakti Kapoor had no choice but to move on.

Siddharth Bharadwaj: Apart from Shakti Kapoor, VJ and actor Siddharth Bharadwaj too seemed to irk Salman on the show’s fifth season. When Siddharth had a fight with fellow house mate Mahek Chahel, Salman did not take it too kindly and stood up for her. But Siddharth was not the only one who seemed to lock horns with Salman. Shakti Kapoor and Pooja Bedi, who also were contestants on season 5, seemed to irk the actor. Shakti was angry because Salman and Sanjay Dutt had not introduced him on the show and Shakti Kapoor took this as an opportunity to accuse Salman of favouring Mahek. Even Pooja Bedi went on record to lambast Mahek and Salman. According to her interview in, the actress was quoted saying, “No one can object to her (Mahek) behaviour because then he or she gets portrayed negatively. Everyone in the house thinks Salman is calling the shots. They are unnerved. I like Salman! I’d be very distressed if he was protecting and helping Mehak get into the finals.”