Top Locations around the world for people who love beer

Top Beer cities. Top locations around the world for the beer enthusiast, and there are a few more places (besides Munich) where men (and women) can enjoy their beer.

Let’s checkout the places.

Bruges, Belgium

Besides the cathedrals and canals that Bruges is famous for (you must have gotten a glimpse in PK), the city has a strong beer culture, with pubs scattered all over.

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So the next time you’re in Bruges for vacation, make sure you visit one of the pubs. The very casual ambience makes for day-drinking as well (the Belgians do that too).


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is popular for several things – history and art, canals, bicycles, parks and tulips, but the city is also a great place to have beer.

Its just that instead of the smokey clubs, Amsterdam has bruin cafes (also known as “brown bars”) that are dimly-lit with candles, and free from crowds, gives the cafes a mysterious appeal.

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Munich, Germany

Probably the most famous place for beer; its considered to be the beer capital of the world (thanks to its annual Oktoberfest beer festival). Millions of beer drinkers descend in Munich in October every year to celebrate their love for lager.

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Dublin, Ireland

Besides being popular for its big open gardens, castles, live folk music and stunning mountains, Dublin is also a great place to celebrate with a pint. But do remember the pub etiquette: if you’re in a pub with a group, offer to get a round of drinks as common courtesy (others will return the favour).

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo comes alive at night and there are several tiny bars with tap setups, scattered across the city, where after-work crowds converge to have their brew. The bars are crowded so you will need to wait for your turn.

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San Diego, California

San Diego is America’s finest beer city. The city has good, sunny weather, and plenty of food joints – goes well with beer.

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