Exclusive Beach Weddings for Those Who Won’t Settle for Anything Ordinary

Several youngsters are opting for Beach Weddings in India currently as they give that ‘exclusive’ look to a wedding and definitely make them look different. Another good thing about beach weddings is that there’s not much of interior decoration to be done. Let us take a look at this growing trend.

beach weddings guide

No stress, relax and exchange vows
Compared to the usual hustle and bustle of a traditional wedding, where family members are always stressed about the arrangements because they’re constantly worried about what the guests will say about the arrangements, and even the couple tire themselves going through the numerous customs and several photo sessions, beach weddings are much more relaxed and slow-paced.

Here’s what one couple had to say about their beach wedding.

“Nothing could be more beautiful than the beach with its soft and natural light, and the music of the waves. We didn’t have to care about any interior decoration.”


Seems straight out of the movies
Beach weddings also serve as the perfect means of enjoying a few movie-like-moments, which you can savour for a lifetime. Wedding sequences in movies involving beaches, especially with a European aura to it, often inspire couples to go for a beach wedding.

Less comparisons
This is another advantage that one of the couples mentioned to us. Because beach weddings are not so common in India yet, there’s bound to be much lesser comparisons.

Besides, Guests also feel as if they’re on a holiday. In most beach weddings, the brief ceremony is usually followed with live guitar and light snacks, which makes it quite relaxing for everybody present at the wedding.

Here’s what a wedding planner has to say, “When you invite guests for a beach wedding, expectations are already set in their minds that ‘it’s going to be different’. That in itself saves you from all the nasty comparisons that are common in our weddings. Moreover, beaches have always been serving as relaxation points, why not bank on their calming effect when you exchange vows which is for a lifetime?”

Popular locations in India for Beach Weddings
Kerala and Goa are the two most popular destinations for most Beach Weddings in India. Among those locations, Kovalam beach is fast turning out to be the ideal destination for most beach weddings in India. Its clean, less crowded, and provides a no-stress environment to exchange vows.

Most guests prefer local snacks or delicacies at beach weddings. At the same time, those looking for luxurious and elaborate wedding spreads also have the choice of conducting the ceremonies at the private beaches of hotels, where there are options to conduct the function on a large scale as well.

Wedding planners’ checklist for Beach Weddings

  • If possible, keep the guest list short.
  • Monsoon season is a ‘No’ for beach weddings, for obvious reasons
  • Always look for a place that has a backup foul-weather option, like a shelter
  • Ask guests to carry informal clothes while inviting…basically footwear and attire that are appropriate for a beach. Light fabrics are more comfortable at beach weddings.

One wedding planner says that beach weddings can be done for under Rs 5 lakh, inclusive of food and accommodation. I’m sure most young couples will find that tempting.