Fans now want to know if Rajamouli is making Bahubali 3 (Baahabuli 3)

After Baahubali 1 was released, everyone wanted to know why Katappa killed Baahubali. Now that Baahubali 2 is released and going strong, fans want to know when Rajamouli is going to come out with Baahubali 3.

Fans are already giving ideas (on Twitter) as to what could be included in Baahabuli 3.

Manikanta…‏ @Manikanta9999
Who Is Rana’s wife #Bhallaladeva Wife.Bhalladeva Ki Adivi sesh ela puttadu…?? In #Baahubali2 Answer icharaa Leka #baahubali3 Planning aa

Bhava‏ @DrBhava
Jee.. #Prabhas may push Rajmauli to make Bahubali3.. Nassar villain is still alive in that movie.. He can play big role in #Bahubali3 i feel

Vinod Jaiswal‏ @Vinod03Jaiswal
#Baahubali2 pahile aise dikhaya baahubali ko katapa ne q mara abhi baahubali3 me bahubali ke ladke ne katapa ko q mara.he story hai….ha na


Vijayashankar‏ @vjshankar
Whatever was shot last year for #Bahubali2 half is stored away for #Baahubali3 Also relation with Amarendra & Ballala cordial & vs Kalakeya?

Bhaskar‏ @rmbhaskar2010
@ssrajamouli Amazing Movie Sir. Can we expect Bahubali3 Continues in 2020?

So is SS Rajamouli keen to make Bahubali 3 too?

While Rajamouli had hinted at Bahubali 3, after the release of Bahubali, the director denied it in a recent interview.

“There won’t be a Baahubali part 3. When you are talking about the continuation of Baahubali, actually there are several back-stories that are associated with it which will later take precedence. These may appear in the form of animation series, comic books, virtual reality shows etc, and hence the world of Baahubali will continue,” said Rajamouli.

Looking at the manner in which Bahubali 2 is shattering box-office records, and the fact that fans around the world are keen to see the next part, it seems unlikely that Baahubali 2 will indeed be the final conclusion.