Model & TV presenter Archana Vijaya’s latest vacation pictures

Model and television anchor Archana Vijaya loves to travel, she recently shared pictures of her Mediterranean holidays, with husband & friends. Checkout these pictures which will surely give you major vacation goals.

Archana shared pictures from her trips to Goa, Italy, Maldives and many more places. She surely seems to be having a blast.

Totally @labelkiss 'd out in Positano ! #summer2017 #azure

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#nofilter needed in the Mediterranean! Glorious day ! #azure

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Day 1 of my summer vacay couldn't get any better, on a boat in the ocean around Capri ! #wanderluster #AVtravels #summer2017 #italy

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Archana Vijaya is a popular female cricket presenter in India (she has covered IPL and other tournaments).

Was Virat Kohli really ogling at Archana Vijaya’s legs?

A photo of Virat Kohli apparently “ogling” at Archana Vijaya’s ripped jeans went viral. Archana was very angry at the misleading reports, says he was only looking at the cue card… Continue reading

“I did international cricket for four years with NEO. We were like a touring family. They were the best times . That was like going on a picnic. We used to eat together and had a lot of fun together at “Tour Diary”. It was like a transition from being a VJ to being a cricket presenter travelling with the Indian cricket team. In fact, I never realised what a crazy fan-following I had until I was in the thick of things,” Archana said.