Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia: Among the Great Ancient Temples in Southeast Asia

Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia (located in Angkor in the Siem Reap Province) and the largest religious monument in the world. Located near the Mekong river, the temple (Dedicated to Hindu God Lord Vishnu) is a symbol of Cambodia (appearing on its national flag), a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and one of the most visited tourist attraction in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

In Cambodia, Angkor (means ‘City’) and Wat means temple or Pagoda. The temple is not only a mega structure but also an engineering marvel, simply because its built on water (its floating on a swamp), and that too centuries ago.

Watch: Ancient Megastructures – Angkor Wat (Monument of Hindu God Vishnu)

Although India movies have not been shot here yet, few Hollywood films have already been filmed at the Angkor Wat (Laura Croft’s Tomb Raider & Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom).

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Army of Statues. Scenes filmed at Angkor Wat

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Trailer. Scenes were filmed at the Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Trailer.

Recently, a team of archaeologists discovered buried ‘towers’ and remains of a huge structure near the world’s largest religious monument. They now believe that the Angkor Wat temple was much larger and more complex than previously thought.

If you happen to visit the place, make sure you see the main temple in Angkor Wat towards the end, else all the other temples would seem a bit disappointing compared to this mega-structure. Most pictures you see on the internet actually don’t do justice to the place. Its definitely one of the worlds most amazing sights.