Alia Bhatt Shares Bollywood Hair & Beauty Tips

Alia Bhatt Shares Bollywood Hair & Beauty Tips Alia Bhatt, who’s done a reasonable amount of work in a short time shares hair and beauty tips that she picked up during her stint in Bollywood.

Alia’s who’s has done different kinds of roles that required her to look smart, cute, funky, elegant and traditional, has several tips to offer.

The first one pertains to quality

Alia is very particular when it comes to the quality of the products, and insists on using only the best ones.

In a recent interview, Alia said, “Quality of any cosmetic product is extremely important. Good brands always make sure that they provide the best quality to their consumers. One should never compromise on quality especially when it comes to any skincare or make-up product”.

Alia Bhatt will soon be seen in a commercial of Phillips hair straightener, here are behind the scenes action of the commercial which was shot in Bangalore.

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What does she carry in her bag?
So what are the beauty products that Alia always carry in her bag? Here are those five beauty essentials that she carries wherever she goes.

What do they include?

  1. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm
  2. Perfume
  3. Cream
  4. Kohl (eye cosmetic)
  5. Hair brush

Alia loves giving beauty tips

Alia loves doling out beauty tips, so much that one afternoon she spent a few hours sharing tips on beauty trends (via various online means). But then, it was also a part of her endorsement of make-up brand Maybelline New York.

Watch Alia Bhatt help transform a tomboy into a glamorous girl. Alia seems to be genuinely interested in helping her fans look good.

Alia is also the ambassador of haircare brand Garnier Fructis, and offers several hair-styling tips to her fans on “how to make your locks look good”, as part of MTV’s digital show “Philips MTV The Look”.

On that web-based show, you’ll see Alia sharing her favourite styles, tips and tricks to create interesting hairdos.